Friday, January 25, 2013

We Are Here In Weng Kee

What and where shall we take dinner tonight? That is the normal question of the day when my kids are home again... I didn't take leave today so I was really tired by the time I reached home... and this is a good time to "pamper" myself by taking them out for dinner..  Someone cute suggested that she wanted to take "crispy fried butter fish" and I know exactly where that place is...

And so we came here... "Weng Kee Restaurant"
this is their Signature dish..
Crispy Fried Butter Fish...
(Lai Yau Yu) 
my kids' favourite!
Weng Kee Special Beancurd...
First time ordering this... 
Vegetarian Curry...
Another not to be missed...
Steamed Yam with lard & dried prawns!
The dishes we ordered....
Now You See Them....
Now You Don't...
Guess who is the happiest....
A fulfillment look...
Thank you G... for another wonderful dinner!
By the way, the bill came to RM76 ($28usd)
Cheap or not cheap? 


  1. nice!!! And so cheap!!! Yum! Yum!

  2. Who is usually the bandaraya when comes to sapu-ing all the remainder on the plates, you or the Hard Rock guy? haha.

  3. The 'Lai Yau Yu' & steam yam is yammy yummy yam.

  4. i've been there couple of times but i've not tried their butter fish and also the rest that you posted here..maybe the tofu i had before there. I like their suen choi with pork trotter:)

  5. stp: Wanna eat those? :) Some shops are cheap and some are super expensive.. i guess business is like that..

    bananaz: surely not the female? :) i agree with you.. yummy yam is very nice!

    lena: oh the suin choi i havent tried before.. hope i remember next time..

  6. That Crispy Fried Butter Fish, really made me wanna try!

    Yea, we always ask the same question also, 'where to eat??' ;)

  7. the fish is so "buttery" i cannot even see the fish itself, haha!! bet it must be very "hor liao" huh?? the toufu also looks good leh, no wonder signature lah~~

  8. that fried butter fish sure looks crispy
    and that vegetarian curry seems the most scrumptious among this set

  9. hayley: tomorrow what to eat ah? hahaha...

    wenn: me too.. long time never take them...

    mecoy: good choices!!

  10. very reasonable price for this set of meal. Food in KK's restaurants are much more expensive..we always have to think twice before eating out.

  11. yum yum! i would like to try the vegetarian curry! never come across this!

  12. The fried fish looks very different from our fried fish here. What are the green seasonings on it? Glad you had such a great meal!

  13. RM76 for all those awesome food. Very cheap and worth every cents.

    Claire, for the last few days, I can't comment in your blog. Only today can comment.

  14. agnes: serious? I havent been to KK before, I hope to go one day when time permits.. :)

    henry: it is my first time eating that dish too! :)

    ginny: the greens are the curry leaves, to enhance the taste to a higher level.. hahaa..

    irene: sorry, I closed the comments for the last few days due to the number of anonymous spams on advertisements, only those with account can comment..


Thank you, readers!

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