Sunday, September 27, 2015

Evening Dresses To Behold

From now onward, wedding bells are in the air, invitations to parties and grand dinners are issued out to many of us.  In fact one of my classmate's daughter is getting married in October and she has invited a whole group of us to attend the wedding.  When I heard that, I was feeling kind of excited, of course besides being happy for my friend, I was also looking forward to meeting all my old classmates again on that auspicious day. It has been many years since we last saw each other and I am sure on this occasion, we will have a wonderful time catching up with one another.

Meanwhile I was thinking to do something with myself real fast! I think I need a  new “makeover!” Firstly, my hairstyle, I need to perm so that it has a “bouncing” effect, hahahaa…. Secondly, I really need to buy a new dress for this special wedding dinner. I want something more formal and after looking through my wardrobe, I could not find a decent formal dress for myself. I really should get one nice dress or a gown and what a Big relief when I came across this website which offers nice and Cheap Homecoming Dresses 2015.   As I browse through the website, there are a wide selection of evening dresses that are suitable for all types of occasions.  In fact there are a few dresses that I have "eyed" and I just have to decide which one is the most suitable one for me.

When I was holidaying in US, I have bought two evening dresses actually but I did not really like their cutting.  They are not as "classic" as the ones I have seen here and it is such a waste to see both my dresses hanging in the closet.  I think I have to think twice before getting the third evening dress but I know of someone who is very interested!  My girl will be excited if she knows that this Ihomecoming website offers affordable homecoming dresses, in fact, some of the designs suit her too.   She is coming back this weekend, I guess I cannot keep this secret from her after blogging about this in my  hahahahaa.... My wallet is going to be "lighter" soon!

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