Monday, October 5, 2015

Purchasing Through The Easy Way

Though we are thousand of miles away from each other, thanks to our advanced technology, my sister and I keep in touch constantly via certain apps in our computers.  Time zone is no more an obstacle since I am not working anymore and we have a lot to share with each other especially when it comes to shopping!  During my two months stay in Sacramento, I really "fall in love" with one of the biggest outlets in California called Macy's!

How I passed my time during my two months vacation, my friends used to ask me.  Wouldn't it be boring just being in the house while my sister works?  My answer to them is a No, No... In fact, time passed super fast when I was there in Sacramento.  Each morning I wake up to my own leisure, breakfast and lunch become one meal and after some gardening work, I would be checking on my emails, my blogs and keeping touch with my friends via Facebook.  And before I realize it, my sister would be home around 4.30pm and that is when I start to fall in love with shopping in Macy's.  Most of the days, we would be hanging around this shopping mall, the products there are simply fabulous and cheap especially with coupons that my sister received every now and then.  And it is not just about Macy's, sometimes my sister took me to see home deco products and recently she bought a BBQ grill set and had it installed in the garden for her parties.  Next she might be thinking of getting one like
Fairfield Deluxe Vinyl Arbor | Home and Patio Decor
 to beautify her garden! Well, oh well.....

And now I am home, my sister continues to "torment" me with the goods she buys in my favourite stall.  She will send me the photos of her purchases, making me "ooh..." and "ahhhh"  ... so much so that I could not help but log in to the website on USGoBuy with words "purchase from us."  For us who are staying in and outside of the United States, we can purchase our products from Macy's online and have the goods sent to our doorstep.  Here is what USGoBuy offers....

USGoBuy can help you with many things concerning shopping at Macy's:  Just buy from us!

  • Give you a free US address to collect purchases on Macy's ( In most cases, Macy's shipping within USA is free)
  • Buy for you from Macy's according to your requests, if Macy's does not accept your payment method or billing address
  • Repack or consolidate your packages at zero charges--FREE (Help you save a lot more in international shipping cost)
  • Reship or forward packages from USA to worldwide with cheapest international shipping rate!
Register and get your own US mailing address for Macy’s shopping and international shipping/forwarding service:

Get what I mean?  Now I do not have to be "tormented" in any way, I can still get my "goodies" using this service mentioned.  Hmmmm.... Festive season is around the corner, I think I know what I should do....


  1. You are so internet savvy and could do multi tasking from every corner of this planet. I was so impressed that you were blogging full swing from US. Salutes you!

    1. hahaha... must update oneself if wifi permits!

  2. mmm.. why do you have to use this services when you can ask your sister to get it for you, sounds like she is at Macy's all the time?

    Maybe service/price is cheaper?


Thank you, readers!

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