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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dressing Up For Occasions

After the Chinese New Year is over, I have to attend a very special wedding in Klang valley.  My childhood and ex-classmate is getting married... oh, correction, I mean her daughter is getting married and a few of us are driving down to attend this auspicious day.  Every now and then, we discussed about the wedding event and being ladies, the topic always come to the dressing part.  What to wear on our body, on our feet and even hairstyle is not excluded at all.  Ladies are ladies...

My friend, who is the mother of the bride has ended up buying a few evening gowns for her daughter's wedding and still not very satisfied with them.  Oh my!  I told her not to put them aside, at least do let me try on first.  LOL... Oh yes, a few of us who are specially close to her are encouraged to wear evening gowns, we readily agreed and now with just one month ahead, we are desperately looking for some suitable evening gowns for the wedding.  In fact we have visited some shops around our town but we could not find something suitable for ourselves, either they did not fit or the price was way too high for us.  So much so we thought of abandoning the idea of wedding gowns when alas, one of my friends suggested going online for evening dresses.  She recommended this website that offers a wide selection of gowns that include wedding dresses as well.

When I logged into their website, I have to agree with her.  She told me to check out the designs and see whether they would be suitable for the wedding or not.  Well, needless to say, most of the designs do look very attractive and exquisite, I might end up getting one of the evening dresses from here.  Now the trend is lace wedding dresses, perhaps the bride will find something nice for her wedding here as well!  What a relief, now the gang of us can don our gowns with confidence and grace!  I have picked a few choices and put them up here, they are really my style!  Wish I were younger just by looking at them...  LOL...


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