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Saturday, January 27, 2018

5 Best Destinations for Gambling around the World

There is something incredibly appealing about gambling at a casino. The combination of the glitz, glamor, all-night partying, enigmatic players and the vice of becoming an instant millionaire makes gambling rather appealing. Granted, there are many places where you can
play your favorite casino games but top destinations provide the most amazing experiences. These top 5 places to gamble around the world will test your wallet as well as your fortitude with their lavish casino fronts. This article is brought to you by
Dream Jackpot.

1. Las Vegas, USA

It is no surprise that Las Vegas tops the list when it comes to gambling destinations. Particularly built with gambling in mind, the city is home to the best casinos in the world. When it comes to gambling in Sin City, the sky is surely the limit. The remarkable array of casinos and welcoming party atmosphere should motivate you to live and gamble spontaneously. If you want to experience true gambling in its true essence then Las Vegas should be at the top of your bucket list.

2. Macau, China

If you are looking for a grand gambling destination then Macau, China will not disappoint. Home to Venetian, one of the largest casinos in the world, you will be able to enjoy over 1000 gaming tables, 7,000 slot machines and numerous slots for online slot gaming. It is certainly hard not to get lost in all the gambling action. If you do not want to stay in a single location, there are 30 other casinos that are located on the Peninsula.

3. Atlantic City, USA

The USA is known for a number of top gambling destinations, with Atlantic City being the highlight of them all. It boasts of eight standout casinos which include The Trump and Taj Mahal Casino Resort. It does not matter if you like online slot gaming, penny slots or are more of a high-stakes poker player because the city is a perfect fit for gamblers with different preferences. Many tourists in the United States prefer to get their gambling experience in Atlantic City.

4. Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Monaco is a microstate that is synonymous with luxury. Monte Carlo, in particular, has opulent casinos that ooze with wealth and glamor. The Monte Carlo casino is the most acclaimed destination for many gamblers around the world. Established in the 19th century, it has been able to draw in rich gamblers who hail from all over Europe and beyond. When visiting the casinos in Monte Carlo, tourists can also enjoy the stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica

While Costa Rica may not be an obvious destination when it comes to gambling, the truth is that it is 
more of a hidden gem that should be discovered. Specifically, San Jose boasts of over 30 unique 
casinos that are known for the best online slot gambling. All of the casinos
feature an informal atmosphere, relaxed dress code and plenty to keep you entertained if you are not gambling.

There you go! 5 places to gamble around the world that will expand our personal gambling experience and ensure that you leave with new memories. In addition to the abundance of casinos, they come with many cultural and historical sights to be enjoyed. What are you waiting for? Grab your credit card and explore each one of them. They have a lot to offer, for more information, click here.  For gamblers who would prefer to play from the comforts of their home but cannot access gambling sites from their region, you can use a VPN to bypass regional censorship.   Then you can play wherever and whenever you like!  

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