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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Online Shopping On Shapewear

The weather is terrible these days.  Hazy and hot everywhere in Malaysia, even business are affected outside, people prefer to stay indoors to avoid the ugly pollution.  For some who have sensitive health issues, they avoid going out as much as possible and wearing masks once they go out.  I hope this haze will go off soon.  Keeping myself indoors most of the time has its boredom.  To overcome this, I go online besides watching TV at other times.  And what does a lady like best when she goes online?  Shopping, of course!!  Well, at least that is happening to me these days!
tank top
No more shopping for beautiful dresses or gowns, but just looking for casualwear for hot and humid days in Malaysia.  I take this opportunity to look for some shapewear tank top, something which I avoid wearing during the time I was chubby.  I change my mind recently, I decided to go for these tank tops, *friends said I have lost some chubbiness* so this gives me an opportunity to see whether what they said is true or not.  Just kidding, I did not lose weight, in fact I gained plenty, going around here and there eating like there is no tomorrow!  I need to get back into shape, that is why instead of wearing loose shirts, I need a shapewear to encourage me.

I have chosen this Neoprene slimming body shaper for myself.  It comes with short sleeves and luminous zip which absorbs sweat while staying dry on the outside.  It also promotes weight loss and shapes the body well.  Why do I need this?  Yes, I want to stay in shape for some special function from now on.  I thought of going for zumba, this should be comfortable, stretchy fabric, molds and moves with my body while performing exercising activities.  As it is written, it also boost workout effects, enhance sweating and helps in burning tummy fat, slimming the abdomen and waist at the same time!

Once my weight is back to normal, or even it does not, I will get a waist cincher corset to put the "fats" into place.  LOL....
How about this?  LOL, will this fit me???  This is a Black Floral Strapless Bow Corset, it does not compress your body but instead holding up the assets loud and proud, as it is written here!  LOL.. Seriously, do I need that?  Uplift the fallen, so my ex-colleague used to remark those days.  We had a good laugh then but now?  I think what she said was true, come to think of it.  This corset comes with pure black color, the hook eye closure shapes your good figure and for us ladies, there is no reason why we should not wear this type of lingerie.  LOL...

Alright, I guess I better not go on, let me take each step at a time.  By the way, when will the haze goes off?  If it does not go off soon, I might be more broke than ever.  My time going online shopping will definitely burn a hole in my pocket!  LOL... Ladies, for more information on what I have shared above, go to Loverbeauty for more choices and selections!  Happy Shopping!

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