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Westgate Is Our Vacation Stay

FROM THE AIRPORT, we took a shuttle bus to our car rental place nearby.  Budget is the name of the car company we rented the car from.  Yes, really budget rate, I think it is around $200 for 5 days and we planned to utilize the transport while in Las Vegas.  LOL...  Next, we checked in to our apartment where we would be staying for 5 nights.  It is called Westgate and it is a two room apartment.  We requested for ground floor for easy accessibility, anyway, it has only two floors.  hehehehe... Check in time was at 4pm and we had three hours to go before checking in.  We went to take lunch at a Japanese place in Chinatown, waited half an hour before we were seated and by then, we were super hungry except for the baby, of course.... Once we reached the apartment, I did not feel like going out.... "why don't you youngsters go out and get all the food stuff we need and I stay with the baby?"  Sounds good, eh....  And after that, it was a night of relaxation for me.....  I sle
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Dodge These Bank Balance Drainers In Your Life

  When you are managing your personal finances , you always need to be aware of the problems that can drain your bank balance. Here are some of the possibilities that you may need to address at some point.  Pexels Source CCO License Injury  An injury can be a huge drain on your bank balance. It’s possible that a serious injury stops you from earning a fixed income which is always going to be a nightmare. To deal with this, we recommend that you do think about exploring options such as disability insurance. This means that if you are impacted by a long term injury then you can claim the cushion of cash that you need. You might want to address what caused the injury. Be aware that it’s common for an injury to get worse after a poor surgical treatment. If this does happen, you should definitely think about speaking to medical malpractice lawyers to claim the damages you deserve.  Bad Mortgage Next, you should think about how a bad mortgage can impact your bank balance. A poor mortgage wi

Simple Ways To Stay Safe As You Travel Traveling is an exciting experience. But, it can also be very dangerous. We should always take precautions before traveling. We should always make sure to do our research on the destination beforehand, and make sure we have all the necessary vaccinations for that country. We should also keep in mind that if we are traveling abroad , then our cell phone might not work or it might be expensive to use data roaming while abroad. It is important to consider this before leaving for our trip so that we can plan ahead of time what we will do in case of emergency situations like this one. The Importance of Safe Travel & Why You Should Care! Safe travel is not just about avoiding your destination. It's about protecting yourself before, during, and after your trip. What makes travelers safe? - Safe Travels Checklist: - Vaccinations: make sure you get the right immunizations for the country you are visiting - Safety Gear: pack a personal safety kit w

Our First Flight For 2022

FLYING ON NEW YEAR 2022.... We went to Las Vegas on the 1st January 2022.  The flight was only an hour plus away, it was a short one, just what I like.  Since it was a short flight, I did not watch any downloaded movies, just listened to some songs and spent the time taking pictures of the scenery from the window seat.  Baby was good too, he spent his time playing with his mom's iPad... and another half hour napping before our plane landed in Las Vegas....  These are some of the shots I managed to capture while passing through the desserts.....  Amazing scenery of the mountains covered in snow.... Baby and I before boarding.... And this marked our first New Year flight 2022...

Facts About Sealife for Your North Carolina Vacation

The beautiful beaches of North Carolina draw visitors from around the world. Noted for the breathtaking dunes that dot the sand-covered beachfront, the North Carolina shoreline is also home to many types of sea life. For your next vacation, you can plan on observing the plethora of creatures who make the sea and its surrounding environs home.  Crustaceans The crustaceans of North Carolina sport spiny and hard exoskeletons and many-jointed legs. Admittedly, several eventually find their way into the delicious seafood dishes of North Carolina chefs. But animal lovers benefit from seeing them in their home habitats in and along the North Carolina coast. Crustaceans that you might glimpse on the beach or in the Atlantic include barnacles, shrimp, lobsters and crabs like the Acorn barnacle, Pink shrimp, Spiny lobster and  Blue crab . Mammals Numerous mammals make the North Carolina coast their home. They include those found in the sea, such as the Atlantic Spotted dolphin and bottle-nosed d

Tips on Building a Great Business Website

  A businesses website is fundamental to its overall success. A badly put together sire, with a lot of outdated and irrelevant content in a seemingly incoherent manner, is not going to get you anywhere. It will definitely reflect negatively against you. If you have not given your website much thought until now, or if it is pretty basic and the content has not been updated for a while, it is time you paid it much more attention. Pretty much all businesses worth their salt have a great website. And if you need ideas, just check out your competitors. You're bound to find something suitable. Okay, so here are some tips on building your own business website: Image from Pixabay Site Plan Before you start creating content and taking photos, you need to work out exactly what you need. It is probably worth doing a little investigation into similar websites and discovering more about how theft is laid out and all the information that is required. You need, in the first instance, a great home

Our Meals To Bid Farewell To 2021

BACK IN ST JOSE...  a few days before ushing in 2022.... My kids got to work during the last week of 2021 and so we got back home on Sunday after Christmas.  It was kind of relaxing but still got to work and anyway, it was a quiet relaxing week for us.   We made two special dishes before the end of 2021, something worth mentioning about, mainly because the reason is that I did not cook for these two meals.  LOL... These two meals below are prepared and cooked by my daughter-in-law..... Her famous Hainamese chicken rice! All done from scratch... including the rice and soup....  Oh, that includes the bean sprouts in claypot too... hahaha... Now I learn a thing or two.. Next time I can do these back in Malaysia.... On new year eve, she made this fusion of east and west.... Chicken chop plus sides.... Can soup this time... LOL.... Garlic bread, sauteed french beans, boiled radish and chicken thigh.... Yes, it was a nice evening dinner for the three of us....  The baby, as usual, is always