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Sifu Wong Kitchen At Sunnyvale

ASIANS GO ASIAN food.... and there is this new restaurant opened less than a year ago and business is blooming... Sifu Wong Kitchen is the name and it is located in Sunnyvale, opened by a famous chef known as PAPA WONG who studied culinary art in Hong Kong.  Naturally one of the famous food item is Dim Sum besides other Chinese dishes.  This restaurant is just beside Ramada Hotel and it is best to call up for reservation.  We did not so we had to wait for more than fifteen minutes before we were seated.   It was a hot and sunny day and we were seated outside the restaurant with awning and ventilation.  But that did not help, I was still feeling warm and so I did not enjoy the food as much I wanted to....  The sunshine seeping through the transparent awning...  and these are the food we ordered....  Braised noodles as well.... Yellow noodles with seafood... Big bowl of porridge... Their Siew Mai was enormously big... Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.... Beef balls... And the Asians.
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My Ways Of Beating Inflation

Money can be difficult to get right, and most of us start thinking about our finances at this time of year since Christmas is coming up. If you’re forever running out of money especially with the Covid-19 pandemic looming over our heads, unsecured jobs opportunities and surviving day by day till payday, this is the time that we need to think carefully on daily survival.  I am a retiree with a minimum pension to bide me by.  Even though my kids are all grown up and not dependent on me, I am still very frugal in whatever I spend on, as the saying goes, saving on rainy days ahead....  I have thought of getting a remortgage on the house I am living in right now.  Due to the inflation, some banks are charging a slightly lower interest rate and it might be a good time to get some cash to tide things over and at the same time, making sure that the monthly instalments will not "bite" into my flesh, literally speaking.  To calculate the currency rate and interest, I would recommend th

Swimming Lessons For Baby

FINAL LESSON FOR THE MONTH... and he is actually no more a baby.... He is now 17 months going on 18.... It has been six months since I last carried him in my arms... and now he is getting a bit too big and heavy for me to carry! Weather was extremely hot when I landed here in San Jose, the sun was scorching hot and dry especially during the noon.  Air con has to be switched on the whole afternoon and fan during the night.   But hot or not, Baby Isa still need to finish his last swimming lesson before they close for the fall season.  No, he did not learn anything at all, I was told... it was just an half hour playtime in the water.  He did not like the lessons in fact, and he must be relieved that it is now over....  Arriving at the pool.... The kids in the pool accompanied with one parent.... In this case, my son was in with his son....  Sing song time in the pool...  Old Macdonald had a farm..... While I waited for the half hour.... I walked around... Parents waiting patiently.... lik

Back To San Jose

FLY, ROBIN, FLY.... But I am no Robin bird..... It was exactly one year since I departed for US and one year later on the 29 August, I was at the Penang International airport again.... Thumbs up for the smooth check in at the counter.... Thank you SIA for flying me to Singapore.....  Stayed a night at Aerotel at Terminal 1.... Waiting to board the next morning... Watched a few movies on the 15 hours flight.... Listened to some soft music to relax.... Was served two main meals on board.... Walked up and down to the cabin for snacks... And the 15 hours was passed pretty quick.... Reached SF airport at 10am in the morning... No Long queues at the immigration... And in less than an hour, everything was done... And I am safely back here in San Jose Thank God for journey mercies!

Don't Let Debts Get You Down

At some point in our lives we will all experience anxiety regarding our financial security, in fact, it is a normal part of adult life as we have so many responsibilities resting on our  performance at work . We are not born with the knowledge we need to successfully manage our finances; it is something we learn or have to teach ourselves, and if we do not, we can end up in debt.  Many people believe that debt is inescapable, so they resign themselves to a life of serial borrowing and worry  once they’re in that situation . However, there is a lot you can do to get yourself back on the straight and narrow, and once you’ve done so you’ll have the tools to make sure you never  find  yourself into that situation again.  Income One of the most important things you need to  do  is take a  serious  look at your income sources and decide whether or not there is anything you can do to increase them. Is it time to find the confidence for a change of career to make the most of your skills, or  c

Nyonya Food In Penang

ONE DAY TRIP to the Pearl of the Orient....  The drive only took less than two hours from Ipoh to Penang, so it is not surprising that we took a day off to visit this island for food! Yes, it was food all the way, from breakfast till late afternoon, we took three meals and for dinner, we could only packet the food home... we just couldn't stomach any more, not like our younger days anymore... LOL.... After our breakfast which consisted of Koay Teow Thng at 113, Lebuh Melayu, we took a walk along the  esplanade.  To our delight, the cruise ship was docked along the esplanade... I miss the cruise I had with the Royal Caribbean in 2019, I would love to go on a cruise again... and of course, with the right group of people.  That would be so much fun....  When will I see you again....  Love this picture cos of the birdie flying across at the right moment...  In front of the Penang Town Hall.... After our walk, lunch was at Baba Phang....  Curry stingray....  I like this dish...  Kerabu

Tourist Spot Discovered In Ipoh Tasek Cermin

ACTING TOURISTS... in my own hometown..... On this sunny Sunday morning, I had an interesting outing with my friends.  We went out for a Dim Sum breakfast at a newly opened restaurant, it was offering a 30% discount on all items and the last day for this promotion was on Monday, just a day after.  Feeling not-to-waste the promotion discount, we went to try.  I did not take any of the items, my friend, Nancy did... I am sure she will post it up one day.. or perhaps she already has.... LOL....  After our tummies were satisfied, someone suggested going to Tasek Cermin (Mirror Lake).  The four of us had not been there before, and being an Ipohian, we must go!  After all, it was not too far away, just another ten to fifteen minutes drive from the restaurant.   Entrance fees is RM3 per pax, reasonable, at least the money can go to the maintenance and restoration of this beautiful tourist spot in Ipoh.  In fact, this place is worth going, very scenic.... from the entrance, we have to walk thr