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Dinner At Texas Roadhouse On Labour Day

ONE OF MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS .... and not to be missed is the Texas Roadhouse.   It was Labour day on Monday and we thought that reaching there as early as 3pm, we could get the table easily.   We were mistaken, the crowd was already there and we had to wait 45 minutes for our table.  Should we wait or change venue?  The sun was blazing hot and another place might be the same, we might have to wait too.  I guess the waiting is due to SOPs.... They do not want the patrons to be seated close as before.  That is good control in a way, thus the wait.....  While the two guys had some drinks at the bar, we two ladies were walking up and down outside the entrance... oh my, it was as if the food is so free or so good... I can agree with the latter.... the food was so good as usual that comes with reasonable prices.  That is why we like to go there... LOL... Entrance.... we waited here for awhile to cool down.... We can choose our own steaks... which we did not... Social Distancing.... Main e
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My Sunday In Sacramento

GETAWAY...  The first week in San Jose came and went.... and it was on a Saturday that I packed up my suitcase again for a one week stay in Sacramento.   My full time nanny job does not start till the third week so I quickly took up the opportunity to visit my sister.  Once my job starts, I might not have "leave" to go anywhere... LOL... My son dropped me at my sister's place, it was a two hours plus drive from their place and they went back on the same day.  Bye-Bye.... see you the following week!! The next day was a Sunday, we did not waste much time in Sacramento.  Together with my sister's friend, we went out shopping and eating what I have been craving for.  Shopping was supposed to be secondary but I ended up buying four pairs of shoes!!  Walking shoes mostly for elderly people like me, they will last me for another couple of years.  LOL..... Food was my primary purpose in Sacramento.... Sister's friend is a Filipino... so naturally we went for Filipino food

How To Encourage Better Dog Behaviour

Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, it might still be a nuisance from time to time. When a dog feels energetic, they can be playful and sometimes not be on their best behaviour. Although it is good to let your dog play, it is best to set some rules so that they can be on good behaviour. If you sometimes struggle with managing your dog and want it to be on better behaviour, here are some tips.  Image by PicsbyFran from Pixabay   Use the right toys Dogs love to play and using toys is a great way to expend their energy as well as train them. Using a toy like Runball promotes exercise and good behaviour. Plus, it will tire your dog out before it tires you out so you won’t have to worry about your dog depleting all of your energy out in the garden or on a walk. Toys can be disruptive to a dogs behaviour if you allow them to play with them and take full control. Whereas a toy that you can control will ensure that they know to act appropriately and it allows them to be under your contr

My First Few Days In San Jose

I AM REALLY HERE.... not a dream anymore or wishing I could come here, that was on my mind for the past couple of months.  An almost impossible trip has become possible through the Grace of God despite this pandemic looming globally.  I thought I would be "lockup" for many more months in my country until don't-know-when.... and no traveling for me for years to come... I lost some weight during the past two months and I thought of nonsense... (Ok, that will be another part of my story).... and I am so Thankful to my God that I am now reunited with my son, my daughter-in-law and my first grandson who is now going to be five months old!   All these months, I have been watching him grow via video chats, yes, I am thankful for that too! Settling down is not a problem, the weather is very much like Malaysia except here is dry heat and not humid.  No sweating but dry... needs a lot of suntan lotion once out from the house.  I landed on Sunday evening and the next day, my DIL too

My Experience On The Airbus 350

MY FIRST TIME TRAVELING ALONE was to Aberdeen in 2019.   And now alone again in 2021 to a different country under trying times as in this pandemic While I was preparing for my long trip, I was slightly discouraged by the alarming advice which I heard.. did I make the right move traveling at this time?  Long hours on the plane, 16 hours from Singapore to San Francisco, putting me at high risk among the passengers, breathing in the same air throughout the journey.... kind of scary... only consolation is that we passengers have to do our swab test 72 hours before we board the plane.  What if we contract the virus after our swab test?  That sounds kind of possible too...  In the plane itself, we have to put on our masks at all times except during meals.  While boarding, I felt more encouraged when there were only a small number of us.  I was supposed to be sitting at th3e window seats, sandwiched between the front couple and a single guy behind me.  Before taking off, I asked the stewardes

My Travel Pass "Passed"

NO HIGH HOPES NOR EXPECTATION when my son applied on behalf for me to the relevant authorities for approval to travel during this period.   The day I received the vaccination appointment, my son started the application process online.  Though the terms and conditions did not apply to my reason of traveling, we just gave it a try, after all, no harm done by submitting, my son said.  Two weeks later, I received the response stating "Rejected" and the reason given was "Incomplete Supporting Documents."  Oh, does that mean to say if we submit more documents, we stand a chance?  Our hopes were lifted.... at least it did not mention that I do not have a valid reason to go.....  My son reapplied again, this time he submitted more than 10 documents and whatever certificates irrevelent or not, he just uploaded them.  Appeal letters from both sides were also submitted.... and after that, we just prayed... and wait.... And a week or two later, I received their email... this ti

6 Jobs That Are Growing This Year

  Despite everything that has happened over the last few years, the job market has taken a kick and then bounced back. Now there are many different jobs that have seen some growth in their industries so now might be the time to check out what is available if you have been wanting to switch careers. 453169 from Pixabay Retail During the Covid Crisis, a lot of businesses went under. In fairness, a lot of the big businesses that folded were on their last legs anyway and the pandemic was the last straw. In their place, there was an influx of new businesses that have been growing throughout the crisis. Now, these businesses are coming out of lockdown and are needing staff or places to sell their items. If you have any experience in retail, you could have the perfect opportunity to grab a store and sell these up and coming brands to new people. Virtual assistants If everyone is working from home, there is a good chance that they are doing everything themselves. However, it isn’t possible to