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My White Elephant

WHITE ELEPHANT.... still laying on my table for two months I think....   My friend groomer is not free these days, my poor Labby badly needs her hair cut and leaving no choice, I ordered the grooming shaver online.  I thought it would be easy to install the shaver to the appliance and till today, I am still at my wits end on how it is fixed.  My friend gave me a tip... check out the Youtube, she said.  Yeah, how come I did not think of that.....  But till today, I have not even touched it and my poor furry member will have to wait till this Mama has her right mood to do it.   My own hair also badly needs a hair cut and with the high Covid cases each day, I guess I have to tolerate for another month with my unruly hair..... or perhaps I can make use of this clipper on myself before I use it on my furry member!  LOL.... Crazy me! Still standing nicely on the table....  Still looking at the gadgets.... and not doing anything about them... I am happy with this dish....  Better looking afte
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My Food Variety During The Week

FOOD IN AND OUT... I did not go out for many days, I think two weeks since my jab, oh no, I am talking about my jab again.... advised not to go out when the immunity is weak...  When others do not have much or no symptoms at all, I am the rare one who has body aches until this second week.  Not only that, my throat is also very irritating that I have to succumb to taking cough and phlegm medicine.  Either my body is too weak or my antibodies are fighting all the way with the Sinovac jab.  LOL.... Whatever it is, I pray that the second time round will not be as bad as this first....  Not much appetite but I had these during some days last week....   Breakfast is normally noodles bought by neighbour.... On some days, I take only bread or buns... Homecooked food delivery.... RM10 per packet delivered to the house.... But only for Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.... On the other days, I ordered from another delivery.... I normally cook dinner myself.... Something odd especially I am too laz

My Booster Gifts

NOT BOOSTER DOSE YET... but booster gifts to boost up my health after discharge from hospital....  Since the discharge and my first dose of the vaccination, I am still not back to my normal self as yet, still abnormal, so it seems... LOL....  I feel my body is still in a recuperating state, the feeling is like recovering from a bout of antibiotics and the body is still not as strong and lively as before.  Oh dear, I really look like an old lady now, white hair, do things slow-slow, walk also slow.... eat slowly.... yes, everything seems to be on the second gear now.  Picking up slowly.... and my second dose is not even here yet!  Should I take these?  So far I have taken one of each .... still skeptical whether I should be taking these ginseng to boost up my energy or not.  How come my side effects of the jab last so long one?  This is going to be my third week....  Chicken essence and Ginseng...  From Eu Yang Sang.... So far I have taken one packet... Double boiled it for over an hour

Things to Consider When Blogging About Cars

Image Credit   Do you love cars? Do you want to share your knowledge with the world and start a blog about them? If so, there are many things that you should consider before taking the plunge. This article will cover some of those critical points. Be Up to Date with the Trends It is essential to be informed about the current trends in the automotive industry . You don't want to post about electric cars if no one is buying them anymore. Improve Your Skills in the Niche You can't blog about a subject you don't know much about. Find out what your niche is and if there are any gaps in the market that need to get filled. Don't Forget SEO Include keywords in the title and throughout your blog post. You can also insert links to other articles or pages related to yours so that Google's search engine algorithms will attract more readers . Keep up with Social Media Networks Blog posts have a shorter lifespan than ever before because they're getting shared at such high sp

My Symptoms After Vaccination

MY SINOVAC JAB gave me these side effects after a couple of hours.... Hot flushes was felt, not the kind of fever I used to have.... my body just turned warmer than usual and it went off as soon as it came, nothing to be alarmed...  The next day, I felt aches on my neck, collar bone and shoulders.... my chest was kind of congested, air flow was a bit difficult.  I was quite alarmed over the breathing which was not as normal as usual, I tried to take deep slow breaths as I thought it was due to anxiety attack again.   After a week, I went back to my cardiologist, just a follow up visit since my hospital discharge.  He assured me that there is nothing wrong with my heart though my palpitations was a bit higher than normal in his clinic.  Who doesn't feel a bit anxious visiting the doctor?  Anyway.... he prescribed some medication for me....  It has been 13 days since my jab, I am still feeling not-so-normal as before yet though I can breathe normally now and my bone aches have subsid

My First Dose Of Sinovac At KPJ, Ipoh

VACCINATED.... on the same day I was discharged from the hospital.  My doctor gave an OK approval for me to be vaccinated, he even arranged for the hospital staff to give a pre-discharge the night before so that the bill would be ready before noon.  My appointment for the jab was at 3.30pm at KPJ Hospital but I was there even before 2pm..... There was an auntie before my turn and that was it, no long queue and crowd.  Everything was done within half an hour, the hospital personnel were so helpful and friendly.  It was like VIP treatment... LOL....  Checking my Sejahtera...  Another section...  Till it was time.....  To JAB......  Then it was a 15 minutes rest in the waiting room....  I was the only one by then.... And my first dose is done! Another two weeks from today....  I will be here again!

Hairstyles To Don

Due to my many years of experiences in my appearance, the hair is one of the most important part that affects our physical impression.  I remember very well that one of my beautiful colleagues used to tell me this when I was very young.  She was in her forties then and each day when she reported to work, she looked very trim and elegant.  I used to envy her then because I really do not find real pleasure in styling my hair each morning.  Now as years go by, my hair is getting less and I guess I have to think of another option to beautify my hair... wigs! Talking about wigs, I would like to share one of these  hair vendors  I came across in the internet.  I heard that they are very popular now in the market and these virgin Brazilian hair extensions are made of 100% original human Brazilian hairs!  Hey... Wait a minute.... are they really real?  That makes me recall an incident... many years ago, I think I was around eight years old then, I had long hair that reached up to my waist.  I