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Roti Tissue And Mama Kim For The Day

STARTED OFF THE SUNDAY MORNING  with Roti Tissue... what??  Yes, an unhealthy start off on a Sunday morning.  Reaching the coffee shop in Ipoh Garden South, I did not know what to order, noodles, nasi lemak, western breakfast... and then I saw an Indian stall doing all kinds of Roti.  So many to choose from and I ended up ordering this.....  Waited half an hour for this "pyramid" to come to my table.... RM3.... Yes, sugary... not so healthy... but very crispy....  Eaten with lentil gravy....  In the evening, my friends came to pick me up for dinner.  Ahhh... this time it is a healthier meal compared to my breakfast.... Mama Kim is the name, quite a popular place cos when we left at around 7pm, there was quite a crowd waiting outside the premises.   One of my friends love Baked Cheese Rice.... RM14.90 I don't.... I cannot accept cheese on rice....  But she loves it tremendously! I tried a bit.... no, I still cannot accept...  LOL...  Another friend ordered hot pumpkin soup
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Dinner At Kopitiam Mun Soon, Ipoh

ANOTHER LAZY EVENING... I did not cook and instead I went out with my friends for dinner at Mun Soon Kopitiam in Taman Boon Bak.  It has been a long while since my last visit to this place for dinner.  Their SOP was quite strict, I noticed.   The open air corner shop has a long chain barring anyone from entering, there is a staff waiting behind the chain and only when she has tested our temperature, she unlatched the chain for us to go in.  Of course, we have to scan the bar code before we enter... Good to be strict too unlike some other shops, there is no one to check nor test our temperature.   As usual, a big table for the six of us and we ordered five dishes for our dinner. Their signature dish is a must....  Yau Mak in fermented soy sauce.... Steamed eggs combination of salted and century egg...  Leeks with roasted pork... And BBQ Pork Ribs....  With drinks and rice, the bill came to RM90...  Not a bad choice for dinner....  Will come again to try out different dishes next time!

Mini Birthday Celebration At August Healing, Ipoh

GETTING HEALED AGAIN... this time four of us went to August Healing for other sweet and savoury delights.  This time when we went up to the little cafe, the tables were all occupied except for one.  Next time we must not go during lunch time.  Mistake....  Anyway, we managed to get a table near the window while waiting for another two of my friends to arrive.  First time visit for them and I hope they like the food there as much as I like them.  We ordered three different varieties to share as we had a heavy breakfast in the morning....  Which shall I choose? Berries bread pudding today....  Forgot what this is called....  Garlic honey scones...  Coffee for my friends.... As for me, I had Chamomile tea....  We ordered one croissant to share.... Smoked duck and omelette fillings... Full to the brim... RM15....  Quiche again.... different fillings this time... RM15 And a Happy Birthday piece of cheese cake... RM14.. Though just a few varieties, we were very full.... For dinner, I just ha

Dim Sum For Six In First Garden, Ipoh

BREAKFAST PLANS.... and we had Dim Sum this morning in First Garden.  We made the plans the night before to meet at the shop at 9am...  (A relief for me cos I had been waking up very early these days!)   Managed to get a big table for six pax, thanks to two of my friends who were there earlier than 9.  Except for the SOP procedures, it looks like business were back to normal in some areas.  We spent around an hour enjoying the below Dim Sum and we would be meeting again for lunch later!  Opppsss... it is all about eating again during this time of RMCO... (Recovery Movement Control Order) First to be served... the Dim Sum-s... And the total cost for our orders came to RM60.... Definitely a good deal... I am definitely full.... for now! LOL...

Little Meet Fresh Like Go Noodles

DINE OUT...  Since we saw a few new eatery shops which we had not been before, we decided to try out one of them during dinner time.  Another more logic reason is that I am too lazy to cook.... and secondly, after eating fresh salad for a couple of times, I felt like eating some meat... and this oink oink shop called Little Meet Fresh attracted us in.  There was a menu outside the shop and I felt like eating a bowl of hot noodles soup....  Little Meet Fresh... not sure what it means... Should it be Little Meat Fresh or Little Fresh Meat? This must be Little Fresh....  Reminded me of Go Noodles in Penang and Selangor...  My friend ordered Garoupa fish noodles... Mine is minced pork and fish paste... Both bowls totaled to RM25 plus drinks....  The soup base was alright... All is good except that if the soup is a bit more hot, then it would be great!

Blessed Easter On Sunday

HAPPY EASTER to all....  Started off early morning to a hearty breakfast in Tim Coffeeshop in Ipoh Garden East with my two friends.   These are the food we ordered for our breakfast....  Hakka noodles and various fish balls for me....  One big bowl of Fish Porridge.... And this is Ramen Smoked Duck which was "drowned" in the soup... Okay, my friend "rescued" them....  And these were our first round of breakfast.... And 6 Gaozi to be shared... After breakfast he drove around the vicinity to check out other places... Never knowing this shop caught our eye.....  HaiNan Zai.... Hainanese food? Feeling curious, we went in....  New shop... just opened in December last year.... Surprised that they serve many types of food.... Still full from our breakfast, we just ordered sticky rice with kaya... Very nicely presented....  Glutinous rice still warm and the kaya was tasty too....RM3.90 Couldn't resist ordering Toasted Bread to go with the coffee.... RM4.50 "Bitteri

How To Handle My Handheld Sewing Machine?

ANNIVERSARY SALES and I ended up ordering a few items from Shopee and Lazada.  Actually only 4 items, all free shipping.... even a bottle of raw honey was one of the items I bought!  It was very nicely packed with bubble wrap, weighed at 1kg, the bottle must be heavy, not the honey.... Other than this, I also bought hair dye and a 44 sen spectacle clip and the latest to arrive was this portable sewing machine! Handheld sewing machine as it is called.... and I have never really used a sewing machine before in my whole life.  I am no good in art and craft, I don't like sewing and now I am wondering whether I could handle this .... gadget...? The purpose of buying this machine is for my 2-year-old curtains (ooopsss!) which are way too heavy to go into my washing machine.  I was thinking of cutting the curtain into half and then sew it back... so what I need is a good pair of scissors (going to borrow from my friend) and then then sew the edges back.  So my 2 pieces of curtain will be