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Walking Under The Sun

CRAZY WALK...  as I called it cos the walk took place at an awkward time, that is around 10 in the morning as this is the time when most people have gone home.  And there I was, together with my friend, both of us went there to walk round and round, sweating under the morning sun getting some sunshine vitamin, D3.... LOL...   With a cap, long sleeve shirt, shorts and dark glasses, I walked 5000 over steps, actually it was not so hot, sheltered by trees mostly in the park.  I forgot how many rounds the walk is, by the time we finished, I was really sweating.  Ahhh... maybe today I can eat a bit more than usual.... LOL...  Looks big, right? Started from this point here...  We walked along the pathway....  Surrounded by trees mostly on this part...  Then leading to a lake....  No turtles today cos no one to feed at this time.... Walked around the lake few times....  Rest area or picnic in the evening....  People like to relax here in the evening....  Sometimes there are activities in this
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Meals During Ipoh High Covid Cases

NO FRILLS AND PRESENTATION .... and that sounds like me.  LOL... Just some simple homecooked food cooked during the day and last till dinner.  For the last few days, I ate the same dishes for lunch and dinner.  Cannot afford to be picky at this time since Ipoh is still in the red zone and I try to stay home as much as I possibly could...  Even when I order delivery, I try to refrain from ordering hot soupy dishes... and one day, I ended up ordering a Banh Mi from a Vietnamese restaurant.   This is half of the Special Banh Mi....  I kept the other half for dinner...  Put in the air fryer and the bread will come out crispy... The first time I ate Banh Mi last year, it was very nice.... This time it was not so....  Too little meat fillings and mostly carrots...  And it was cold... maybe they expect me to heat up...  Anyway, I won't order this again... On another day, I cook three dishes....  To last me throughout the day....  Beancurd with minced meat and basil leaves....  Bitter gour

Casual And Fun Games Online

Recently, I have been trying new things to fill my time as the current situation is not really improving, thus limiting the options of things that I can do. Cases have been rising in a few places, with a new wave of infections predicted to be coming in the next few weeks. Armed with a ton of time, I decided to scour the realms of the internet for some interesting things to read or watch. During this adventure, I found a game that I wanted to try for quite a while. I’m not sure if everyone has this same experience, but there is an advertisement on YouTube that shows a game where a player pulls some pins to guide a hero’s escape from a tower. This advertisement shows the player making a ton of bad decisions that cause him to fail. It is just so frustrating to watch. Well, I think the advertisement worked because I clicked on it to download the game and try to beat it. The puzzles in the advertisement didn’t seem too hard. After downloading that game, to my horror, I found out it is tot

Yesterday Once More - Reminisce

ICE CREAM ADDICT...  And I think I need to slow down.... Instead of going out for desserts, I bought a small tub of La Creme just for "emergency."  LOL...  Anyone remember Cold Storage Snack Bar?  That was in the 1960s, 70s and I stayed near the Cold Storage in town.  Those days money was very tight, I remember I could only see other people enjoying ice cream in the snack bar instead of having one myself.  NO money to even go in except for very rare occasions, which is perhaps once per year.... not sure who gave the treat, but I do remember savoring the chicken wings until the very last... even the soft bones were not spared!  LOL .... Those were the days...  Now.... it is a different story.  We can afford but the quality is not the same anymore like those years ago.  NO more Cold Storage snack bar thus no more creamy ice cream and fried chicken wings which I could still remember too well the taste.... funny, I could forget who and who but I could still remember very well the

Affogato Is The Name

FELL IN LOVE....     My first time trying Affogato was in Arabica Estate in Penang... I did not know there is such delightful dessert invented until two years ago.  Since interstate traveling is not allowed since the beginning of this year, I thought that was it, forget about that dessert.  I did not know Ipoh has this Affogato till I visited New Sun Yin Loong at AEON, Falim. How happy I was when I saw their menu offering two scoops of vanilla ice cream with a small cup of coffee for only RM5.90!  Amazing price, right?  Never mind about the texture, for this price, I don't mind enjoying this Affogato whenever the opportunity arises.    No sharing this time... LOL...  This is mine.....  Ok, this is it....  1...2... 3.... Action! OOOPPPSSS......  Was my hand shaking?   My friend took over....  Slow and Steady.... Done and eaten too! I like their vanilla ice cream...  Not too sweet and with the coffee, I really like it! I think this is the only way I love coffee...  Coffee on Ice Crea

Pak Kong Chicken Rice Is On Grab

BACK TO GRAB.... for yesterday, I started ordering food again after a long lapse.  I scrolled the apps to check whether there are any newly added restaurants, filtering for "chicken rice." .... LO and Behold, the name of this shop made my day... Pak Kong chicken rice!   This shop is located in town and normally has a long queue, so it is a wonderful surprise to see it listed in the Grab app now.  Quickly I scrolled to see the menu and unfortunately, no promo code for this shop.  Never mind, I carried on with the order and ended up paying RM7.80 for one packet of steamed chicken rice and RM6.50 for "chap choy."   While waiting, I made myself busy in the kitchen, prepared the soup of the day... Radish with pork ribs.  Dumped them in the smart cooker and within 30 minutes, the soup is ready!  I really love my fast and smart cooker... LOL... By then, my lunch reached my house....  No plastic containers... They used oil paper.... I like! What I don't like is the chic

Dinner At Wong Shing, Falim

FRIDAY GATHERING.... and that was last week before Ipoh was "infected" ... we went for dinner at Wong Shing in Falim.  I guess our Friday dinners will be put on hold as of tomorrow till the cases have died down again.  With the many messages on whatapps, we do not know whether to believe them or not, but it is wise to be more cautious and not to go out as much as possible as before.   Back to my post, we ordered five dishes for the six of us....  Steamed fish with Nyonya sauce....  Braised pork with beancurd skin....  Braised yam with pork belly.... Crispy fried lotus and french beans sauteed with salted eggs...  Another dish of greens... Nai Bak....  And the total bill came to around RM125....  Another yummy dinner and after this,  I do not know when we will meet again...  Stay safe, friends!