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Souvenirs At Laketown Waterpark

We checked out around noon on Friday and on the way, we stopped by at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for a short while.  It has been more than ten years since I last came and so much has changed since then.  I could not recall at all, perhaps this has not been built then?  I really cannot remember... This is new to me definitely... Good to come by once and for all....   Not sure what this is all about....   Perhaps some wedding deco.... Anyway, a picture to remember.... This is more interesting....  Bought something from this place...  How come ladies cannot resist buying unnecessary stuff???  Maybe this sweet lady "lured" me to them.... hahahaa... In front of the souvenir shops before we entered the Waterpark.... I really wouldn't want to dip in such a hot weather... Just walked around and took some pictures before we left... Something like Sunway Lagoon, only not so thrilling ... Small kids might love coming by here

BBQ Dinner At The Poolside, Bukit Merah

Yes, I shouldn't complain about anything, after all, I came for a three days course and not a vacation.  In fact I should be thankful for having an opportunity to attend a course here in Bukit Merah, there might not any more chances in the coming years.  Coming back to my second night here, we had a BBQ dinner at the poolside... supposedly to be a BBQ dinner and I was expecting some smoke and aroma nearby the poolside.  But when we came down at 8pm, we did not have to wait for the food to be cooked... all were being lined up nicely for us to "savour." Checking out the food..... Ikan Bakar Kembong... (Grilled Fish wrapped with banana leaves) Lamb Meat.... Beef...   Desserts... Salads, soups and bread...  Great line-up of food that includes fried rice, spaghetti, curry chicken, squids.... Mingling with my course mates.... My choice of food... a little bit of this and that...  Some salads and desserts.... Oh dear, I really must refrain

My Ulam Meals In Suria Service Apartment, Bukit Merah

Someone asked me about the food served...nothing much to shout about actually. When it comes to food served during courses, the expectation does not run far.  Though we were fed four to five meals per day, I was only "tempted" to take three main meals, no less no more... LOL...but when I put my legs on the weighing scale, I was taken aback that I have gained TWO kilograms since February!  Coming back to the hotel food, I had my first dinner meal on Wednesday evening... Chef overlooking and checking that all goes well... My choices for my dinner... Love to eat the raw leaves with sambal belacan (pounded chillies) Very simple dinner... a small slice of fish and lots of greens... This was for my dinner..... My second day lunch is not much different from the first....  One piece of chicken and greens.... That is enough to last me through dinner... After our course ended at 5.30pm, we had a few hours to hang around till dinner was served at 8pm...

Suria Service Apartment In Bukit Merah Laketown, Perak

It has been more than 10 years since I last visited Bukit Merah Laketown, Perak.  The last time I came was during the Family Day in my former office, no staying overnight but just games and waterpark. Now ten years later down the road, here I am again... this time it was for a three days course in this place called Suria Service Apartment in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.  But due to some urgent work in the office, I only managed to come in the evening.  The Ice Breaking started at 8.30pm so nothing was really missed anyway....  At the entrance.... My first time coming by to these apartments.... At the lobby...   From the corridor of my floor.... Leading to my apartment....  Not the high posh hotels... but fine with me... From the balcony view.... When evening came, the pool began to fill up... Now school holiday, no wonder more people....    Taken in the morning when I woke up.... Not too bad, right? After all just two nights..

Shoe Craze

I am shoe-co-holic! Is there such a word for one who simply loves to buy shoes, sandals or whatever that is on her feet?   Well, I simply love shoes and looking out for them when I go window shopping. The other time when I was in Kuala Lumpur, my sister-in-law took me to this AEON BIG... she told me that I would fall in love with the shoes there... she bought a few pairs, some to be given away to her sisters as well.  Knowing me and my taste, she brought me here and .... Yes, I was smitten and I got home with two pairs of these shoes here... But sorry to say, my two pairs are not shown above... hahahaa..  I should have taken pictures of them... now they are in my shoe cupboard.. One to be given away to my sister soon! Shoes are sensitive... They will open their mouths if I don't wear them soon enough!! Lol... Another pair of sandals I thought I would end up buying... But I didn't... I manage to stay away from the temptation of having a third pair... hahahaa..

Choy Kee Restaurant In ipoh Garden, Ipoh

Our main intention to come by here is for called Ikan Haruan aka Snakehead... heard that the chef in Choy Kee, Ipoh Garden can whoop up two different dishes with one fish. Unfortunately, we were told that there was a shortage of fish on that day and we ended up taking these instead.  Anyway, they were not too bad and we would love to come by here again to try their other dishes as well.  For this time, we ordered ... Salted minced meat ... goes well with the rice... Steamed Talapia with lots of sauce.... not very spicy... Four Big Heaven Kings...meaning Four Types Of Beans... Only three dishes for the three of us, they were more than enough...  This is what I called Abundant Food to be enjoyed... The bill came to RM52...  For me, it is justified... 

Marine Elements For Her Ezcema

My girl has eczema ever since she was a baby.  Skin rashes were noticed around her forehead and being a baby, I did not apply any strong ointment on her.  Just some baby oil each day and it was under control.  But when she turned one, her scalp was very dry.  I took her to see the skin specialist in the hospital and I was advised to shave off all her hair.  Following the doctor's advice and special ointments, my girl was without hair for the first year, wearing dresses but with very fine short hair. As she grows up and now in her teens, her skin problem is now diagnosed as chronic eczema.  She will get redness on her elbow and knee joints whenever the weather is humid or she is sweating.  I took her to a few skin specialists and all they did was to prescribe tablets and ointments.  That got me worried, I don't like her consuming all those medicine and applying steroids on her palms and the joints.  The only safer way is shower whenever she sweats but this can be very convenie