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Teaser Tosai On A Monday

My Monday meal started with something BIG! I went out for an Indian meal with two of my male colleagues and they recommended this shop they usually frequent... It is called Salim Restaurant along Jalan Yang Kalsom.  All I did was to order my drink...and then they ordered the rest of the meal in their own language which I didn't bother to ask... I love drinking coconut water...  It has lots of nutrients and it isn't surprising this one cost RM3.50 I did not know what my colleagues ordered for me until ..... .... this Long Thingy arrived! Oh my Goodness... Both of them ordered the normal Tosai..  But mine is the Abnormal one.... They really wanna make fun of me! But actually one can finish this Paper Tosai as it is called.. Very crispy and thin...  I folded it in the middle and crushed it down... hahahhaa.. . very messy and sadistic.... But I like it !!

Short Trip To Taiping

Nothing much to do on a weekend, we made a short trip to Taiping, a 45 minutes drive from Ipoh. Reached Taiping around 10am and we wanted to try the dim sum along the main road. Unfortunately, there was no more "pau" (dumplings) left, even the waitress was sweeping away already. We ended up taking a few plates of dim sum and left the shop. Along the main road in Taiping...  Drove the town area cos we wanted to locate the Kakak shop for noodles.... Took some time cos I cannot recall where....  But finally got it after some turning here and there... The lady in charge... very presentable at the front....  Not much crowd already.. breakfast was nearly over.... The portion is very big... I couldn't finished them all.... Too much chicken meat too...  I think I won't order this again the next time...  With full stomach, we loitered around Taiping town... And looked for some durians.... Found a stall that sells Balik Pulau durians...

Pianist In The Making

My neighbour is going to complain soon, his afternoon nap is rudely interrupted by my fingers dong-ing... C E G .. dong dong... D F A...on my piano on and off... Well, my ex-colleague introduced me to join in this intensive course in becoming a pianist in just 1 1/2 years!  Sounds great... but can I be able to do it?  On one hand, I wanted to and on the other hand, once I sign up, I must be really committed otherwise I will be wasting my hard earned money. I am really "big heart, small heart"... a number of factors.... I have a super poor memory and stiff fingers though I am playing with the computer keyword for more than 8 hours per day. *guilty* How... how?? Should I join?  Fees are around 4-5K, I think.... Maybe I will go and attend the preview first, it is held in the Tower Regency Hotel on the 12th July, 2014 at 7.30pm... My friend really made an effort to draw out some notes for me to practise at home... That is why the dong dong dong in my house.... 

Make Mimosas Every Day With Champagne Online

Purchasing champagne online is a great way to have something in the house that makes the most amazing early morning drink in the world. There is nothing wrong with having mimosas in the morning, and the family should always have a steady supply of champagne that they can use for these drinks. The family can purchase orange juice from the store, but they must work to save money on the bottles of champagne they need to have in the house. Consistent Orders The family can set up an order that is going to send out a new bottle of champagne every few weeks. The family can set up the specific amount of time that is needed between orders, and the orders will be processed with saved account information for the customer. When the customer needs to have a steady supply of champagne they can count on, they can set these orders. The Right Kind Of Champagne There are many kinds of champagne on the market for the family to choose from. It is best to choose a champagne that ha

Cheap And Nice In Bali Assam House, Ipoh

The first time I went to BaliAssam House, I did not manage to get a table, the place was already crowded even though it was before 7pm.. Not wanting to give up, my friends and I went there again last night and to our delight, there was a table for the three of us.... The place was quite crowded again, only one shop lot and we made a count on the table, only 11 actually... if the 12th group comes, they will have to wait for their turn... So what are their signature dishes? The first thing I saw is the Assam Cod Fish Head.... Prices are very reasonable... Small RM19.90 Medium RM29.90 Large RM39.90 We ordered the small portion... around 250gm of cod fish... Not bad.. each of us can gave 2 to 3 small pieces... LOL... Curry comes with brinjals, okra and pineapple slices.. So this is Bali style curry! Not sure what this is called but written on menu is long beans... To me, they are french beans' babies... Paku Pakis Thai Styled... Sweet sauce... I

My Red Christmas Fruit Tree

I was "invited" for a homecooked dinner again... oh yes, yellowish pictures as in my previous post, so this time I will not post them up again... our eyes might turn yellowish looking at the odd colour pictures... hahahaa... This time I present something more soothing to our eyes and throat... After dinner, my cell leader took out a big water melon and started to cut them in the kitchen.  I was washing up the dishes and I didn't really see how she cut... When I was through with the dishes, I saw these on the plate...   Well, many might have seen these cut like that before... So easy to hold and yet they look cute, right? This is called Watermelon Tree...  It quenches our thirst...  So I guess we better take more of these cooling fruits... It is really burning hot in Ipoh... The haze is back!! ahhhhhhhh..... 

Bring Nature to Home with Tree Wall Decals

Who does not want to decorate the house beautifully, it is the house where you gather with your friends, guests and relatives, and naturally the urge of decorating a home is a necessity among everyone. There will be moments that you will want to cherish in your house. Transforming a house into the home will simply need your ideas of decoration, your loving touch that will make every part of your house useful and beautiful lovable to all. However, when you start decorating your house the home decors that you will be using will reflect your inner self. But in this present time of house decoration try for those decors that will say more about you and your family, rather than reflecting your inner thoughts. Collect those pieces of home decors that will make your home inviting and relaxing to other, the same feeling that you will have towards your home.  Decorate with simplicity However, when it comes to decorating it house, simplicity is the component that will make your h

The Tongue Is Sharper Than A Sword

As I grow older, I realize I am changed... my character changed... Patience... I am no more a patient woman....I could feel my heart pumping fast and blood shoots up in my brain when I am impatient... especially when I am waiting for someone who takes her/his own sweet time not to bother... once he/she goes into my car, I would burst out..."Hey, don't play with my time, OK?"  And once the words came out from my mouth, I could feel myself cooling down BUT in a matter of minutes, I would regret what I have said.... Misunderstanding... during my younger days, I didn't care... I never othered to explain myself.... I kept my cool cos I was a very patient lady... *younger days means 20s, 30s and 40s* Now?  If anyone misunderstands my intentions, I "explode" and "burst" into pieces... literally.... I will rant out in terms of emails or whatsapp... or whatever that connects... I cannot keep to myself... BUT in a matter of minutes too, I will reg

A Non-Oomph Feel Tonight

Nothing special to write about... the"oomph" is not here tonight.... lots of things on my mind... but I try to "divert" myself from those issues... Ranting out in my own blog sounds like a good idea, however.... some are too personal to disclose... To overcome this problem, I must open up a new blog with a new identity and then whatever XXXX can be blast out.... one fine day I might do that...  Meanwhile bear with me... being a Food-holic, these were taken today, Tuesday 24th June.....   Chee Cheong Fun in Thean Chun Old Town...  RM3.20 for the above....  Some fish balls must go with the CCF then only "shiok" Another RM2.80 for the 4 pieces... And as if they are not enough, I ordered my dessert to make the meal complete... RM2.50 or so... cannot remember the price for this.. haiyah... *  yan loe chor... *   Now... adding them up, my meal cost around RM8-9... If I just order a plate of CCF and a glass of plain water, it wo

Invitation To A Homecooked Meal

I called up my cell leader around 6pm, wanted to invite her out for a simple dinner.... and to my sheer delight, she told me to go over to her house for dinner instead!  I was more than happy.... hahaha... love homecooked food anytime!  I was told to go at 7pm and I arrived exactly on time!  Food was already on the table.... and she told me that the dinner was all vegetables and no meat.... Well, that was really FINE with me!  Nowadays I prefer more vegetables to meat.... Due to the yellow lighting in her dining hall, all my pictures turn out this colour.... anyone can help me to edit this to white?  hahahaa... Don't think that is possible, right? Ok, what's this? She told me this tastes like Ikan Perut but without the main ingredient... (Pickled Fish Stomach Curry) This dish consist of all vegetables only.. including pineapple... Really appetizing... I love it! Another vegetable dish...  Yellow Pepper with green vege (choy sum), enoki and cucumber! V

Sweet Temptations On A Weekend

My weekend pocket money is spent on the King... of the Fruits aka Durian. A tropical fruit which cannot be "smuggled" or hidden anywhere, its strong fragrant will give it away.  Durian lovers like me love the smell and the taste of it anytime...with one exception.... please stay away far-far when the burping comes!  Don't say I never warn ye... hahahahaa....   King of the Fruits...  Until today I still don't know how to choose nice ones...  Have to depend on the vendor... he will do the choosing and opening.... There it goes.... the "baby" is born...     This type of seeds at the corner is the best!   But some look "lumpy" like this...  Reminded me of some "brainy" stuff..... hahahaa...   If crinkled like this, its ok! Vendor told me the whitish kind of durian is Bitterish.... And normally the yellow ones are sweet! After all being opened and paid, I carried my "treasures" home... I

List of 4 Fun Filled and Learning Games & Activities For Young Kids

This is a digital era where there is an information overload. We are always swamped with flux of information, our kids and young ones are of no exception. The initial teaching of kids starts from their homes when they are babies or little infants, intelligent mothers try to raise their kids in best possible manner, they want their kids to be healthy, active, hardworking, and respectful , in order to instil all these qualities into our babies we forget to give them incentives and involve them into some entertainment activities so that they don’t feel like they have a moral police on them all the time.      In this article we have listed some of the fun activities and games for kids.            1.   Engage Your Kids with Some Online Games After a hectic day at school or doing house chores, give an incentive to your kids and allow them to play some of the online flash games. You can carefully select few games or websites for them where they not only entertain