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RECEIVED a distress call yesterday around 4pm.  It was thunder and lightning in IPOH, my sis told me and while she was reversing the car, Labbie ran out.  I forgot to remind my sis that once it rains, Labbie will feel very restless and scared .  Sensing Labbie ran out, my sis quickly parked the car and went out looking for her despite the heavy rain.  But she could not find her anywhere.... Labbie must have ran very fast fearing for her life! My sister quickly called me up citing her worries, I reassured her that Labbie would come home when the rain subsided as she had done so a few times before.  Every hour I kept tab with my sis and she updated me... she drove around our vicinity, looking for her but to no avail. By nightfall, we were really worried then.... Made a few calls to my neigbours around my area and also to a few friends staying nearby... to look out for Labbie just in case they see her.  Even the guard knows Labbie and he told my sis that he saw her running towards the

Reanaclaire Homecooked Meal

IT IS BACK TO HOME COOKING AGAIN.... The week has started...  Ever since I came to Johor, I cook during the weekdays cos by the time my sons come home, it is almost 7.30pm to 8pm depending on the traffic at the customs.   No point going out to have late dinner, quite tiring for my sons by the time we finished the dinner outside.  So here I am... Yours truly, Reanaclaire put on her apron again and make simple cooking food for her grown up kids... As usual soup is not to be missed....  And this type of soup is often boiled...  Easy as ABC?  French beans with enoki and flower carrots.... Andy requested luncheon meat and they ended up like these... Looks familiar?   Another one of those days...  Reanaclaire does it her way... 

Fresh Crabs At Hook Sang Restaurant, Bukit Indah, Johor

BEFORE I started off with this post, I googled for the name of this restaurant, thanks to my short memory, I truly forgot the name. I remember only one word Hook and I was so surprised when this blogpost  came out first on the list when I surfed.  Christopher, apa la! Alright, the name of the restaurant is called Hook Sang according to Chris and it is situated in Bukit Indah, recommended by my BIL, the whole gang of us went there for our dinner last Saturday.  The place was really crowded, tables were plentiful and I was thinking that we would have to wait for an hour at least.  But I was wrong..... we didn't have to wait that long actually.... or perhaps I was busy multitasking? The Boys..... And..... The girls.... ok, minus one.... !  And the food were recommended .... Their signature beancurd.... Honey juicy ribs....   Fried salted eggs mushrooms....  The Four Vege Combination....   Sweet Sour Crabs... Eaten with Man Tau... And another

Noodles House At Bugis Street With Sharon

OUR TIMING WAS JUST RIGHT! Spent an hour at the Gardens By The Bay and the next thing, we took a two stops MRT ride to Bugis Junction... we reached around 1.45pm and my meet-up with Sharon Lim was 2pm. We made a rendezvous at the water fountain at Bugis Mall... Where the shopping starts here for the two girls....  A few tourists approached me inside the mall and asked me where Bugis Street is... I hope I didn't mislead them when I point to this street here........ hahahaa... The building where Sharon took me for lunch...  Called the Noodle House.... We ordered this... QQ Noodle...  A version of Sarawak Kolo Mee? Surprisingly, it was beyond my expectation... I thought it would taste so-so...  But it turned out so nice and fragrant... I wonder what they "mix" it with.... Then I saw Wu Xiang...  Not too bad... The crispiness is there but the filling was a bit too soft... We didn't want a heavy lunch.... so we shared out ou

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore 2015

IT WAS A HOT SUNNY DAY...!! We three ladies never thought of bringing our caps or hats thus our poor head and arms were being "skin-fried" by the blazing sun.  The two younger girls do not mind the sun too much, unlike me... I kept looking and scurrying around for sheltered area to avoid the sun ray! Hidden beneath the Dome! But there were a lot of pictures taken under the sun... So that the pictures can come out clear and nice! Managed to get a quickie pose too! Always an amazing sight.... From the bridge, this is a beautiful layout.... Too bad my iP4 is not that "canggih!" Couldn't really see what angle I was taking actually... Just snap and go....  Turned out not too bad though... *my version* The SuperTrees! Next time we must come during the night...   The Supertrees come alive with a dazzling myriad of light displays bursting across the sky... A skyway leading from one Supertree to another... 

Outing To Singapore Bayfront And Flyer

A ladies' day out to Singapore on our own using the Causeway Link....  for the first time we were on our own, parked our car at the Giant mall and waited for the CW bus no. 3 or 4.  Either one is fine.. they will take us over to the Jurong East Mall.  Alright... credit goes to my girl... she is the one who leads the way.... From Jurong East MRT, we bought our tickets and stopped at Bayfront after going through an interchange.  Well, sounds kind of complicated... but my girl knew what to do and we just tagged along with her.... Soon we reached the Garden By The Bay.... *clever girl*  The "tunnel" leading to the Gardens....  So colourful... So Must stopped to "welfie" first.... Add more colours to the colourful....  And some dancing stint as well...... Quick, quick... before people called us "Jakun!" here....  Very Impressed by the works of art here.... Familiar Sight? And it's very light!  Presenting.... TH

Our Dinner Set At Sutera Mall Foodcourt, Johor

From Malacca, it took us more than two hours drive to reach our place in Johor. By then both Aaron and I were quite tired.. not sure whether it was the food or the drive that made us very sleepy! Anyway, we reached safely, thank God and it was really good to see our small home again after a two weeks break or ten days in actual fact..... It was a Friday evening and the causeway was quite jammed up, according to Andy.. by the time he reached home, it was almost 8pm... and naturally, our tummies were kind of "flattened" again... Very quickly, we drove out again, this time to Sutera mall area for our simple dinner.....  We have been here before once but we didn't try this stall then...  We ordered two sets of soup plus rice.. And it came with one plate of greens and one small bowl of steamed egg... Not too bad.... the pricing was around RM8.50 Watercress... good for cooling down... We ordered some fish ball varieties to go with our dinner.. And