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Star House In China Town, Adelaide

FEELING TIRED AFTER THE DAY TRIP, we didn't want to mess up the kitchen... For dinner, we took a fifteen minutes walk to China Town... it was a cooling evening and we stopped here for our dinner...   Star House... Chinese Restaurant! Yes, after the rib racks and German sausages... Chinese food is always a welcoming sight.... The restaurant ambience which was not occupied on this side.. Nice ambience... We ordered a few dishes for the six of us...  Steamed pork ribs... Yes, ribs again but done in a different style... :) Stir fried Mini french beans.... Crispy Duck! This is very BEST.... Steamed beancurd with big prawns embedded beneath... Part of the dishes served while waiting for the steamed fish... Steamed Siakap.... After another one of our hearty meal, we took a long stroll back to our apartment...  On the way back, we bought some snacks... Time to relax in front of the Big Square Box!

Enchanting Town In Hahndorf

FROM JACOB'S CREEK, we were taken to the third and last destination, Hahndorf.  I was told that it was also known as German Village.  Hahndorf is the most enchanting town of the Adelaide Hills where tourists feeel like we have stepped back in time.  This leafy Elm tree-lined Bavarian village is a smorgasboad of craft  shops, artisan bakers and cheesse makers, art galleries, cafes and historia inns. We were given an hour to enjoy ourselves in this village.... And we quickly sped up our walk to this Hahndorf Inn... Don't waste time, man..... My brother told me that they served the best German meal here... Very quickly we went through the menu... Okay, not me, anyway... I know next to nothing when it comes to western food... Three types of beer were ordered... c Cheers from Hahndorf! A Must Order from the menu $45 Six Star Sausage Combination... Deluxe Vienna,, Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Plain Kransky, Cheese Kransky  and Weisswurst, served wi

Jacob's Creek In Adelaide Hills

FROM SEPPELFIELD VINEYARD WE WERE TAKEN TO ANOTHER PLACE NEARBY CALLED JACOB'S CREEK.... Another wine tasting again?? We were ushered in again for some brief tutorial again about wine...  The vineyard in front of Jacob's Creek... And the beautiful vineyard along the Adelaide Hills... The weather was simply great on that day....  Before the wine tasting, we attended another "tutorial".... I was quite hungry then but it was not time for lunch yet... Instead of tasting wine, we came out here to join the crowd... Adelaide Hills ahead.... The wine tutorial continued here on the grounds..... But we were relaxing in our own way while the briefing was going on.... Relaxing instead of drinking.... Love the weather.... the clouds... the style...  Just look at the clouds... so bluish! We spent a lot of time here taking pictures.... Here we are.....  Yay!! Memories... Doing what she did.... Wanting to be "y

At The Gardens In Seppeltsfield

FEELING THAT WE HAVE DRUNK MORE THAN ENOUGH, we ladies walked out into the terrace for some fresh air... after all, we do not know how to enjoy or differentiate a good wine from one another.... it would be such a "waste" if we kept on sipping with "forced" expressions on our faces.... hahahaa... We were not doing any "good justice" to the free wine... *oh perhaps they were not free, it was already accounted for in our day trip?* Free or not free, we allow ourselves to roam around freely outside.... The scene here reminded me of those Mills and Boon love story books  I used to read during my younger days.... The hero of the book is normally a rich tycoon who owns acres of vineyards and big mansions...   But this is just a garden terrace... The vineyards are a distance away from here....  Feeling the coolness of the air after all the wine... Thought it was sunny, it was quite cold...   A bit tipsy but not drunk...  At the garden