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Four Friends' Meal At Keng Kee Restaurant, Rawang

WOKE UP WITH HEAVY EYES very early around 6am the next morning.  Couldn't get to sleep very well, maybe way pass my bedtime, or maybe different bed and environment, or perhaps it was my own "snoring" that woke me up, my room mates were telling me!  LOL... Alright, I accept the above, they are truly me.  Since we were up early, we got ready to go for our breakfast, contemplating over Kundang or Rawang noodles.... and eventually we settled for the latter. I think it has been a number of years since we last went to Keng Kee for our meal.... at least 3 to 4 years ago.  This place is famous for the Hokkien noodles aka Tai Lok Mee or Thick noodles cooked with Yam.  Yes, only can find it here at Keng Kee in Rawang.  Another specialty is their Saito Fish Pancake and their Clams.  And we ordered the above for the four of us.... This is Keng Kee at Rawang.... pic taken in 2011...  Their specials on the wall...  The Saito Fish pancake... two different types.....  S

Buying An RV? Read This First!

If you’re thinking of buying an RV so you can go on some amazing adventures with the people you love, you need to make sure you know what to look for. You also need to make sure you have the accessories to make your time in the RV as amazing as possible. Read this if you’re on the hunt for the right RV! Picture Think About What You Consider ‘The Essentials’ To Be Many people say that they only take ‘the essentials’ with them when they get on the road with their RV, but this means different things to different people. Some will actually take the least amount possible, while others will pack up their RV with half of their home. You need to know what you consider your essentials to be so that you can buy the right sized motorhome. What Kind Of Trips Will You Be Taking? A motorhome trip to you might be a leisurely weekend jaunt, but to somebody else it might mean weeks on the road driving from place to place . You need to know how you’ll likely be using your RV the majorit

Self-Driving Cars: The End of Road Accidents?

Earlier this month, Formula E's Buenos Aires ePrix event played host to a world-first: a race between two self-driving cars. The vehicles, which are destined, one day, to compete in the Roborace series , hurtled around the track at 115 miles per hour, but there was a slight problem – one of the cars crashed. For autonomous car naysayers and technophobes, the incident was proof that the widespread adoption of self-driving cars is some way off yet. For fans of the technology, however, it was simply a blip; the kind of teething problems that you expect with any new technology. And what’s more, crashes are an unfortunate, but entirely expected, part of racing. Image credit: Flickr The opportunities Even taking into account the Roborace crash and the other incidents that have disrupted the testing of self-driving cars, the industry still holds a great deal of promise. If the technology can develop quickly enough, we could see a world where accidents are a thing of th

Wedding At Glo Damansara Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

ATTENDED A WEDDING DINNER AT PETALING JAYA... We drove a four hours journey to Rawang on Saturday to celebrate  my best friend's "promotion."  She has been my "buddy" since Form 1 and now she is being promoted to "Mother-in-law" ...So this dinner must attend one... no excuses!  LOL... A few of us stayed over at her house for we were given a task to be "receptionist" during the wedding dinner.  Yes, "aunties" like me were given the special job to welcome the guests, not SYT *sweet young things* but experienced elderly aunties, don't play play.. Anyway, whatever it is, we were dressed up to kill, young or old aside.   LOL... And so...we were there before 6pm... The ballroom was beautifully decorated, photobooth at the front and fingerfood were displayed just in case, guests like us were feeling hungry while waiting.  Since we were early, we had the opportunity to take pictures and "fooled" around at the photo booth.  T

How to Negotiate Your Rented Condominium Lease

While some condominium are going to be the ones that look like they belong on magazine covers, are always full and have waitlists, and even just sound luxurious from their names alone, the fact of the matter is there are too many apartments out there. Too many landlords even right now are panicking because they just don’t know how they can get additional tenants into their units, and so when it comes time to rent you may just be able to secure a property with a bit of negotiation on your side instead of just accepting the initial price. Think about the following options in order to lock in a great price at a great place. Longer Term As the Christian Science monitor lists, there are many ways to lower your apartment rental rate. However, while many strategies work for some people, others can be uncomfortable with complete haggling situations. One of the easiest ones to deal with is to simply put the efficiency and convenience back on the landlord by letting them know you would b

A Treat At Nyonya Treats, Perling

BEFORE WE LEFT FOR SINGAPORE, we took our lunch at Nyonya Treats in Perling.  It was after 1pm when we reached the place and the tables were all occupied.  Thanks to my in-laws, they went there earlier to book a table for the seven of us.  The lights are quite dim inside the restaurant, my pictures below also turned out darker than usual.  Anyway, the moment we sat down, we ordered our food and requested for the desserts to be served first!  :)  We were all yearning for the Durian Cendol which cost RM5 per bowl.... Fresh Durian flesh embedded beneath the mountain of ice...  Must not miss ordering this....  My son ordered their Bubur Cha Cha for a change... And it came out creamy and fragrant...  Sweet Potato, Yam and Tapioca... all three I LIKE! As for our dishes.....  Or Hiang or Chicken Spring Rolls.... Rendang Chicken.... Two greens... Sweet Potato Leaves... and Young Kailan...  The Sambal Fish is a Must-order too... For these six dishes with

Our Spicy Moments At The Spice Kitchen, Johor

DURING ONE OF THOSE LAZY EVENINGS when Reanaclaire's kitchen was closed, we went for something different for our dinner.  AA suggested that we go to The Spice Kitchen since ND is a member there too.  Member = 50% discount.  LOL... So off we went and this time, our food came very fast unlike the other time, we waited almost an hour, maybe it was on a Saturday then. The Spice Kitchen is a fusion restaurant, an authentic Indian-Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurant where traditional Hakka recipes are infused with Indian spices.... hmmmm... no wonder the menu shows a combination of both.... We ordered something simple for our dinner that evening for we do not want to tuck in too full, all of us seem to be "rounded" by now... LOL... The boys did the ordering....  While I admired the layout in front of me....  Started off with Dry Cauliflower Manchurian....  Famous Kolkata tossed with spices...a bit sweet and spicy.. Indeed it suits my taste buds! Mutton C

Dinner At Tian Lai Garden, Gelang Patah, Johor

RECEIVED A MESSAGE from my cousin in Singapore stating that he will be coming with his family to JB the next day.  Great!!  I was all ready to welcome them and my cousin kept in touch with me all the way from Singapore till the customs.  After that, no more news from him... Alamak!!  His data must have shut off by the time they crossed over to Malaysia.  How eh. .. I have not confirmed where to meet and all that with him.  He also must have forgotten about the wifi when he drove over. Anyway, I took the chance and drove all the way to AEON Bukit Indah, they surely have to pass by there on the way.  We did mention AEON but never confirm where and when to wait.  So I estimated... I parked the car and waited at the grocery entrance.  After some 15 minutes or so, a call from Messenger came in.   Phew. .. they were just outside AEON at Block D.  Great!! True enough, they did not have data when they came in to Malaysia and one of my cousin quickly subscribed to a plan just opposite the mal

Games Storming The App Place Today…

The Online Entertainment industry has grown drastically and is really omnipresent today. We have access to almost every entertainment virtually through our smartphones through the help of Internet of Things. This article talks about the various gaming diversions that have cropped up and are a top notch priority of the entertainment industry today. The Google Play store and the IOS are available for gamers to play all day on their mobile phones and smart devices. Word games like Crossword, Hangman, Multiplayer board games like carom and family games like Monopoly are now available on these Applications for us to play at an ease from anywhere and anytime! This is so simple and economical the same time. We can enjoy a game of snakes and ladders and at the same time enjoy chess to improve our skills on the go. Socializing and play are now so easily susceptible that no one finds an excuse for boring gatherings or parties as well. Popular virtual reality games like Pokémon-Go which recen

Weekend At VivoCity, Singapore

LEFT FOR SINGAPORE after lunch in Johor and reached VivoCity around 3.30pm... It has been several years since I last visited Vivo Shopping, the largest shopping mall in Singapore.  We had to spend a couple of hours there before leaving for Changi airport... Every mall in Singapore looks almost the same to me, huge as always, crowded with people and sales everywhere.  LOL... I thought I would be holding my handbag very tightly but ended up buying some stuff all the same.  My handbag is still tight cos someone paid for me instead.... Thank you!! After a couple of hours walking inside the mall, we came out to the Harbourfront.... Sentosa Island is just opposite... no, we did not go there... We bought some Old Chang Kee curry puffs and relaxed here watching the train goes by... A nice place to rest and relax....  Watching the boats sailed by, feeling the sea breeze on our face.... Then we got fascinated with these two teenagers...  Who have no fear of water.... I