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Three Times Visit To Canning Garden Dim Sum, Ipoh

FOR THE FIRST TIME... There is a very nice Dim Sum place opened in Canning Garden.... furthermore, it is Halal too, food suitable for those who do not take pork.  Chicken meat replacing the pork, good in a way that there would be no fats or lards in these Dim Sum.  Oh.. for pork lovers, there might be a disappointment but I am not disappointed at all.  Initially I thought it would not taste as good as those normal Dim Sum shops but to my surprise, these Dim Sum suits me real fine!!  The normal Char Siew Pau which they replaced with chicken meat is the best of all... in my opinion... Ever since this Canning Garden Dim Sum opens officially on the 15th June, 2018, I have been there for three times already, in just a span of two weeks plus.  Something must be good, right? Bungalow turned to Dim Sum restaurant... A very homely feeling here...  And the section I was sitting....  At the very back....  Nice deco here and there at each corner... And some of the f

Don't Forget This Accessory This Fourth of July

With Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s time to finalize your party checklist. You’ve planned the menu and enlisted friends for salads and sweets. The grill is clean, the lawn is mowed and the kids are on decorations. Once you buy ice and beverages, you’re all set, right? There’s one thing you may have missed, and it’s a must-have for any guy — a sock membership to celebrate your feet. Here are the top five reasons to remember great socks on America’s birthday and beyond: 1. You Love Cool Socks for Men Everyone needs socks, but what’s more fun that having a bunch of pairs you actually want? Cool socks for men — think patterned and graphic options — make statements that say, “Hey, world! This is me.” 2. Comfort and Style Are Important to You Whether you’re on your feet all day or just relaxing in the backyard, you want to wear comfortable socks and look good while you’re doing it. A monthly sock delivery helps you do both. 3. Sock Membership Means

Birthday Celebration At Little Elephant, Ipoh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... Celebrated my sister's birthday in Little Elephant last evening.  This is my second time visit to this Thai and Western cuisine.   We ordered a fusion of eastern and western food plus desserts.  When we thought all was finished and done with, we were surprised when the staff came out singing Happy Birthday song to my sister.  And of course, something nice and sweet came along with the song as well.  A very nice place to celebrate once-a-year special over here in Little Elephant.... oh, don't ask me why it is called that... I suppose it must have some connection with Thai food which are listed in the menu.... At the front of Little Elephant... And one before we dig in....  Two plates of Lamb Shank... Pineapple rice... A portion for one... Rib eye steak.... Some kind of Thai Pasta with shrimps.... Nasi Kerabu.... Say Cheese and Good!! My kind of Desserts! Ice Cream Cendol! Halfway through.... or was it alm

Classmates Reunion Dinner At Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

HOW MANY YEARS... There is one lady whom I have not seen since we left school in 1977.  Many of us did not know her whereabouts until recently, somehow, someone managed to contact her.  So happy when we heard that she came back for holidays in Ipoh and we caught hold of her for a meet-up with those who can made it for this dinner.  Actually it was the second time they had arranged for a dinner, the first time was held two weeks ago and I was not around then. When I came back, I arranged to meet up with her and those who joined us for this evening came to around 13 or 14... one of them dropped by at the restaurant to say Hi... and Bye... LOL... For this evening we ordered some dishes, I did not take any pictures of the food, yes, I was busy "yakking" and catching up with the ladies... These foodie pictures are from one of my friends who posted them on FB the same night... Not sure how much but each of us paid RM30...  Do the maths.... LOL...  And the non-stop ima

A visit to Sharm el-Sheikh

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Food And Desserts In Gaharu, Gopeng Food Court And Lawan Kuda

SECOND ROUND... On the way down from the hill, we stopped over at Gaharu Tea Valley to get some coffee packets.  One box with 10 packets of Gaharu coffee powder cost RM34... Wow... that is not cheap but then for coffee lovers, this is not an obstacle.  LOL.. We were served with Gaharu tea also known as Agarwood and on the way out, we saw Gaharu ice cream.  Ahhh... That, I could not resist and we ended up having one each despite our heavy tummies. Yes, I am an ice cream lover for whatever flavour...  This is new.... Gaharu Tea Plantation.. For those who want to visit, each person is charged RM10 for the ride up to the hill...  No, we locals did not go up... wait till visitors come visiting... :) Tortoise is one of their icons here...  Then we adjourned to Gopeng food court to have our fix on the Chicken Porridge...  The stall is a Brother and Sister team who are in the 70s...  I was told that they do not talk much and it is not surprising if they do not answ

Beggar Chicken And Laksa At Sungai Itek, Gopeng

I AM BACK.... Yes, back in IPOH for a couple of weeks already.  Lots of happenings and my posts are no more in sequence.  Fast track forward.... and now... Planned the night before that there would be a foodie trip to Gopeng.  Friend came over at 10am, she is a very punctual person... and off we went to pick up another love-to-eat friend on the way.  Reached Gopeng Gaharu Tea Plantation but our intention is not that place but the road leading up the hill.  Using Waze, my friend managed to find this little home away from home on top of the hill, driving through the narrow roads up and have to squeeze to the edge at some parts to give way to oncoming cars.  Thank God I am not the driver, I do not know how to estimate these narrow roads especially those leading upwards...  I would have endanger my friends if I did! So is it worth making the trip up here in Sg. Itek for food???  Since this is our first time, I would say Yes... and again I will come, provided it is not raining and I a