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A Visit To Hawaii in Teluk Intan

A DAY TRIP TO THE BAY...  Teluk Intan, here we come! A few of us planned to go to this bay area called Teluk Intan, it is quite far from Ipoh cos there is no highway leading to this town.  We took about two hours to reach, passing by smaller towns and padi fields.  My last visit was a few years back before I retire, I came for official duty with a few of my colleagues for auditing.  Now a few years later, I am back again.... Teluk Intan is the third largest town in Perak and the main attraction is their own Leaning Tower erected in 1885 by a Chinese builder.  It is called the Leaning Tower because it started to tilt four years after its construction due to an underground stream.  Since then, it has become the icon of Teluk Intan.... something similar to Leaning Tower in Italy.... The Leaning Tower... aka Clock Tower...  We parked our car nearby and walked around the vicinity...  Firstly... to look for Food! Recommended by one of the locals.... Hawaii is the name of the

Business Decisions You Shouldn't Put Off Any Longer

If you have just started your business, you will need to make some important decisions that will determine your success. Procrastination is the main obstacle for business owners, and the more complex the issue is, the more likely you are to put it off. If you are determined to get over the hurdles of your startup and finally start turning profits, you will have to make some business decisions right now. Below you will find a few of them that will be crucial to steer your venture in the right direction.  Image via Pexels Brand Image You need to create a clear message for your potential customers on what your company and personal brand are about. You need to find your unique selling proposition  and communicate it through various brand messages; social media, your website, and business literature. This challenging task will bring in a lot of results, as you can reach people who can emotionally connect with the uniqueness of your business. Mission and Vision No matter ho

Seafood Restaurant Yew Kei At Tanjung Tualang

LUNCHING AT TANJUNG TUALANG... Many have not heard of this small town Tanjung Tualang before, it is about 40km away from Ipoh town.  The township is famous for their freshwater prawns... not so much on crabs which I have thought all along.  Gone are the days when I used to come here for lunch with my kids and friends when I used to send them back to Petronas University.  We trio continued our day trip to this corner restaurant called Yew Kei, among a few restaurants on the same row.  I think by now we have tried them all and their prices plus the food are almost the same as one another.  For the three of us, we did not order much, we need to save some space for dinner!  LOL... Andy requested for Fried Oyster with omelette...  A Small Size plate of their signature noodles...  Indeed it was very tasty... just look at the generous toppings! Plate of Wild Ferns called Paku Pakis....  And of course, their famous steamed prawns... medium sized...  Two for each of us

A Short Sight Seeing Trip To Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah

A DAY TRIP... An intensive weekend with the youngsters, we tried to cover as much places as we possibly could, that is sightseeing and the most important itinerary is the Food. We set out to Kellie's Castle after taking our breakfast in Ipoh.  Could not remember what we had for I did not take any pictures of the food in the morning for we intended to go for seafood in Tanjung Tualang for lunch.  But first... Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah.  Entrance fees is RM5 and it was a very quiet noon when we reached.  Maybe it was due to the hot sun or perhaps tourists are more interested in Ipoh food than sightseeing here.... The first Scottish to build the castle here in the 1890s...  But it was unfinished.... half way through, The owner died of pneumonia in Lisbon.. And the castle was abandoned since...  The authorities maintained the structure until today...  Overlooking a small creek... From the top of the castle without railings... one has to be careful...

5 Unusual Stag Do Party Gifts

Stag Do party presents a rare chance of meeting up with your male friends to have a good time. This is so vital considering the fact you will wed in a few days. Prior to having a stag party, it is necessary to roll out a plan. Decide on the venue for the party, food, drinks, outfit and invited guests. Proper planning will definitely result in a successful all men affair party. One of the things to expect in such parties is gifts. Your friends will find it best to congratulate you on the forthcoming wedding in advance. So, expect various kinds of gifts. Since they are coming from your friends, expect some surprises. Below are some of the stag do party gifts you can look forward to: #1 Cool destination Visiting an amazing destination, for instance, Amsterdam will guarantee the best venue for your stag party. There are many stag things to do in Amsterdam to give you the best stag party ever. Capitalize on those numerous activities to have much fun. #2 Love Treat

At Old Andersonian's Club And Cafeteria For Dinner

SPICY LOVERS... I am not... I do crave for Indian food such as these... Chicken Tandoori in sizzling plate....  So exotic and spicy...  I could only take two pieces the most and a mouthful of Naan to go with it..  Naan with mutton... first time trying these..  Lentils done in thick gravy...  I like this.. not spicy, it goes well with my sweet Naan too...  It is called Peshwari Naan... I am a weird one, I like to eat sweet and savoury at the same time! Aloo Gobi...  Potatoes cooked with cauliflower... I like this too! Goes well with Garlic Naan....  Yes, I like this type of dinner every now and then...  The place which serves these exotic dishes is at the Old Andersonian Club...  Opens daily at lunch time and in the evening at 6pm...  The Early birds... we had time to do these.... 

Happy Retirement Lunch At Delight Restaurant, Ipoh

ANOTHER ONE TO GO... Thinking back, it has been more than 3 years since I retired and never once looking back or missing my any of my job scope.  All I miss is the morning breaks where we go out and "charge battery" before starting work each day!  LOL... I miss the fun gathering together and the food discoveries every now and then.  So .. whenever we have a chance, I for one would be looking forward to this type of gathering again, regardless of the whatever reason we could think of. And now, another of my ex colleagues have reached her retirement age, compulsory not optional, so have to pack up and go gracefully.... LOL!  Yes, some do miss working, it can be pretty depressing for some who are not ready to retire.  However, on the brighter side, just tell ourselves... "Hey, this is it!  Have been working non-stop for the past 30 years or more, this is the time to rest n relax!"  Cheers!! To celebrate our colleague's retirement, we gathered at Delight Resta

My Exotic Lunch At Pan Heong, Batu Caves

EXOTIC LUNCH... It has been a while since we last visited Pan Heong restaurant near Batu Caves.  Cravings for the food here, though they are not the least healthy at all, we just have to forget about our restrictions and eat.  Having said and eaten, now looking back, I know where my high levels of cholesterol come from.  LOL... I really must start my diet on Oats and more oats from now on! I will just allow the pictures here to show how "healthy" I have eaten and taken...  But then again, eat everything moderately, it should be alright....  I cannot resist these....  Took quite a lot of these....  I prefer the meehoon fried with just normal ingredients than the canned pork actually... And lastly and not least, the steamed fish.. Ikan Haruan...  How much?   I did not ask cos I did not pick the tab...  Thank you for the yummylicious lunch!!