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Mackie's Ice Cream At Marischal Square, Aberdeen

BACK TO CITY CENTER... looking for ice cream before we called it a day.  Our seafood treasure was still at the back of our car boot, thank goodness for cold weather, otherwise our loot would be all spoilt.  We parked our car nearby and walked to the city center which beholds a very tudor like building which captured my eyes.... My handphone can capture only this part of the Marischal College...  I feel I am not doing any justice to this beautiful structure....  And hence the below picture taken from Mr. Google...  image credit Aberdeen City Marischal College Scottish Tudor Gothic front spires granite silver spires is one of the most recognisable buildings in the City of Aberdeen... And from there, we walked into this beautiful sculpture f Aberdeen...  At Marischal's Square just opposite the college...  The leopard poised at five meters tall with a five meter tail... weighs over two tons and balanced on a ten meter high steel column... Yeah, I got the i

Hard work of property investment

It is undeniable that property is one of the most attractive investments tools in the market but without sufficient knowledge or deep research, you will be burned because of buying the wrong product during the wrong timing and of course, wrong reasons.  Property investment what may seems like easy peasy net worth roller but it is a battlefield you will have to endure and like every war, before running down to the battlefield, you have to be fully equipped with ammunition and in this case it is knowledge. Many of them would take real estate research lightly and satisfied enough to depend on word of mouth or plain luck, hopefully like striking jackpot when the next transaction comes. That is a wishful thinking, by the way, another option is to turn to private money mortgage.  If you can spend your time to compare your gadgets functionality, why not spare some time to compare the properties you desired? After all, real estate properties required heavy commitments. Here a

Dropping By At Trump Country Hotel And Golf Course, Aberdeen Scotland

ON THE WAY BACK TO ABERDEEN, Aaron took us to Trump's luxury country hotel and his golf course here in Scotland.  Well, I was told that his grandmother or ancestors are from here, so it seems and hence, a beautiful landscape which houses many country homes and a championship style golf course.  An eye opener for me, no doubt about that.   I am glad that we could drive in and look around the area.... no tight security on the grounds, no guard inspection... only when we reached the hotel, a young and friendly staff came out and asked us whether he could be of help.  We told him that we wanted to look around only and he replied, "Good, let me know if you need assistance."  That's the Scottish to us! The Trump hotel...  When can I stay one night here? Anyone needs a ride? The neat landscaping in front of the hotel... Nice walk in the evening.... if the weather is good! This is not even the golf course yet....  We took a drive into the inner parts

Looking Over The Cliff At Collieston Village

AFTER OUR LUNCH AT HARBOUR SPRINGS, Aaron continued to drive us to a sandy and secluded place called Collieston Beach.  Collieston is another fishing village in the ancient days, a shelthered beach in this small village.  First visit for me and the youngsters, Aaron is our tour guide.  I guess whoever comes to Aberdeen, these are the places he would be taking them to.  LOL... Alright, time to do some exercising after our heavy lunch.  Parked the car and we walked up the cliff to have these breathtaking pictures taken on higher grounds.   Yes, as usual I am afraid of heights but that did not deter me from going up, only thing is that I stay away from edges, praying that the wind would not blow me over.... LOL.. On the way to the Collieston Beach, passing through the meadows on both sides... Stopped by to say hello to this highland cow... He or she kept staring at us.. "Who are these black hair people??" Walking up to higher grounds when we reach the Collies

Hairstyles For All Occasions

As the song goes..."Girls just wanna have fun!"  Yes, girls indeed have lots of ways to enjoy when it comes to physical appearance.  We can have makeovers on our faces, hairstyles, attires and to sum it up, from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet, we can have real changeover in styles!  One of the makeovers I want to talk about today is our Hair, yes, you heard me right, and indeed it is an interesting topic to collaborate especially when it comes to having real and "un-real" hair also known as hair extensions.  Let's start with natural human hair.  As we all know, it is the easiest product to use in many hair  extensions, firstly, it has a far more natural look than any synthetic hair.  With natural hair, we can perm, dye or bleach it according to our choices and secondly, there are many ways to apply it on our hair too.  Some of the ways are either fusion, sew-in, glue-in and chip-ins, these are the most common ways and we can do it with the help

10 Easy Ways You Had No Idea You Could Earn Money Online

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Lunch At Harbour Spring, Peterhead

3 MILES AHEAD ... from Boddam lies Peterhead, a name synonymous with seafood, thanks to its bustling fishing port.  We stopped here for lunch, I was very hungry by then coz I just took an oats drink in the morning.  Saving my best for last... and Aaron took us to this little eatery called The Harbour Spring. I guess these chairs will be very much occupied during the summer here.. We proceeded straight to the Carvery Corner...  Very family and cosy like..  Aaron and I shared a medium plate portion with three different types of meat.... Pork, Turkey and Beef...  And the rest of the side dishes are free flow...  And it ended up something like this...  Full to the brim...  Medium portion cost around 6 pounds..  How not to share, such a big portion....  The hungry 5...  Spent some moments in Peterhead before we proceeded on to another place...