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Leadership or Keeping "Lowship"

Sports day is around the corner... i cant wait for it to be over.. its not that i m the one going for practices, running and puffing, but i seem to be involved when my 3rd precious is...she is so dedicated to her cheerleading team and she ends up doing everything..almost everything..sigh... i didnt know she is so serious in it till yesterday, when i fetched her from school, the first thing i noticed were her face and tearful eyes...after much coaxing, she only managed to tell me bits of here and there..and from the pieces i gathered, she is really stressful about this cheerleading thing.. firstly, we hv to look for the uniform for the 13 girls, from black skirt and red tshirts, pompom papers to nylon stockings...2ndly, she has to arrange their sizes and collect some upfront money, each estimating around 50rm...and today, today, this evening, sigh....she came back to tell me that one 50rm is missing from her pocket...haiyah....what shall i do? instead of paying 50rm, i hv to fork out an

Monday Monday..

What shall i do with u, Monday? Other than waking up with a headache this morning, it is like another blessed day.. had a good breakfast with mei mei and gugu in a long-forgotten hakka mee shop, i was surprised that the meeseller still remember me, she said, wah, long time nv come ah.. i was caught by surprise.. or was she merely saying this to most of her customers? hmmm.. will never know.. not much work in the office, just updating some odds and ends for 2008, lunchie with mei mei in old town after buying some cny stuff at a wholesale shop in hughlow street..mei mei gave me a tin of love letters and dried minced pork made by herself, so kind of her ...of course i recipocrate her kindness with my 2 packets of special biscuits...haha..tic for tac.. evening comes, played badminton for an hour and as usual, rushed out when it reaches 6.40.. quickly lose and come out..otherwise, game will be prolonged till dontknowwhen.. dinner time, not good happening, had a tiff with daughter and fil..t


Yesterday is is Chinasam..hehe..why? cos my bossie was not around in the office..phew...wwwooooo...yehhhhhh..... just like not having a discipline teacher not lurking around the corner.. i guess discipline teacher is also not that bad like my bossie here.. oops..better not comment too much about her, who knows, one day she might read my blog..and...ouch...i will be kena-ed baik-baik... Dint enjoy the Chinasam till lunch time cos morning hv to attend a short seminar in my ex office, kind of boring, sneaked out before lunch time, skipped the free lunch there and went to YB Ho's office to meet up with my la...of course.. talked a while with her and then suffered the journey back to my office with my 2 legs...what to transport... Reaching office, went to canteen with mei mei, she belanja-ed me lunchie, seeing how i hv suffered & endured the hot weather minutes ago..and related to me how she could be 6K richer and i should be eating shark fin so

Birthday Girl...

Today is my Loe Yau 48th birthday...we always used to tease her..the big Cheh Cheh.. I was cracking my head what to buy for her, she gave me a very nice blouse for my birthday last November..i like her taste but i know she wont love mine..haha..then came along another buddy, she suggested we buy her a DVD player..hey, that was a good idea since she doesnt hv one and always longing for one...after a good lunchie at Tesco, one chinese restaurant, we went up to survey for the DVD...after going thru a few choices, we finally settle for one which is very compact and cute, cost 98rm..reasonable price..and after testing the player, my buddy planted a kiss on my cheek..haha..i was caught off guarded, i tot she was just 'acting' to kiss, not really planting one.. so i was steadily standing there but when she wanted to plant one on the other buddy, that buddy quickly moved away..haha..its so obscene, she said.. we can be caught for public obscenity..hehe.. well..anyway, we are happy that

Quiet Weekend..

Today is the day my 1st precious went back to campus after a long long holiday.. kind of very quiet when i reached something is when i think back, its bec with him around, i kind of can relax a bit, he can be a my replacement driver and he likes to do that... ie to chauffeur around running errands or taking his siblings here and there... now that he has gone back to campus, i hv to reinstate my old post again... CNY is coming...around the corner, have a lot to be done... new clothings for kids, stuff to be distributed, kind of a yearly affair...tot of decorating the house, just couldnt find something real nice...maybe tomorrow... we will go search for something special in parkson grand... tomorrow.. tomorrow...make sure my purse is full before i money, no special....

Badminton days are here again...

Day 17/1/ favourite game is on tv again, currently & crazily keeping tab with the scores on this idiot box, live scoreboard..couldnt see the real game, visual score also can la..better than nothing. Later at 11.30, will keep my eyes open to watch the highlights on rtm1..crazy? well, when one is engrossed with something interesting, anyhow, anyway, anywhere also can tahan the obstacles... My maid went back to agency last nite, coming back today, only 24 hrs not in the house!! and we (my kids & i) realised how dependant we r on gosh..make me realise how indispensable she is..haha.. i guess when she comes back later, despite her grumbling or her moodiness, we will go on appreciating her and close our eyes...after all, no one is perfect, right? Had a slight unhappiness just now during dinner time with Andy, my 2nd precious..due to the absence of maid, we hv to eat out, fernie tuition clashing with andy, so eventually andy has to be the victim of starvation, anyway, bo

My first time blog..

Today is Monday 7/1/2008...monday blues?? For me, yes, yes to every monday.....but.... dont ever let that thought seeps into our shouldnt be called monday should be another beautiful day for us to treasure, to be thankful we are still alive and kicking well, to be grateful we still have a job to go to, colleagues to gossip with, teabreaks to savour good food, figures for us to activate our minds, lunch breaks to do our personal chores and lastly, a home to go back to... and cherish the dinner time with our kids and family..this is a real bliss....if we dont expect too much from life, everyday is a bliss for us....