Friday, November 4, 2022

Three Hours City Tour At Ensenada, Mexico

A THREE HOURS CITY TOUR when we embarked in Mexico on the second morning.  

My sister booked the three hours city tour in Ensenada, Mexico, a van came to pick us up from the port.  Ensenada is the border of Mexico and it reminds me of Hatyai, a border town too between Malaysia and Thailand.  We were taken to a shopping area where we must haggle for the goods.  LOL.. Yes, something common in my own country... Anyway, we did not buy anything for ourselves... just a wooden handmade truck for my grandson which cost $8usd.  

Nothing much to shout about on this three hours excursion, I was so sleepy on the way back to the ship that I dozed off and only awaken when we were driven through the town.  All in all, I just wanted to step onto Mexican soil and I would give this a miss if I were to go on this Mexico cruise again.  LOL...

At the open area shopping walking towards the Blowhole...
This is La Bufadora Blowhole, an amazing natural marine geyser
that is capable of shooting water over 60 feet in the air...
Yes, the water splashed up reaching us...
I captured it on video....
And it does make a blowing sound....
That is highlight of this tour....
Ensenada memoir....


  1. I never heard of this geyser, it must have been awesome to be right there!

  2. Didn't go for any authentic Mexican cuisine? I love Mexican or Tex-Mex food!

  3. Looking down at the water, make me dizzy. Lol.

    With the currency exchange, it is good to do window shopping there. Haha. Bet your grandson be happy with his new toy.

  4. Need to go through immigration or not? This is mexico and not new mexico, right?

  5. This is probably not the best part of Mexico to visit.

  6. the place that you stay is very near to mexico only 3 hours drive. how's the authentic mexican food there ?


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