Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hospital cum Hotel....

Just came back from hospital, its 9.30pm now....since my cousin is flying back to Dubai tomorrow nite via Singapore, we discussed about the many issues about Sam Sook.... where he is going to be, who is taking care, the hows and the whats for the next procedure.... and then finally the cost as at to date, i was quite taken aback when he told me the bill came to RM18,000/- . Wow, its only a week tomorrow and it has gone up so sky high....phew....

Ipoh Specialist in Ipoh, newly built wing with nice, big spacious rooms, with a 32 inch plasma tv hanging on the wall in front of the patient's bed, a 3+1 seater sofa with leg rest , a built-in cupboard and a dressing table at the not for the single bed, it really looks like a hotel room, even a hotel room doesnt have a plasma tv for all I know....

Sam Sook will be staying in this high class, i mean... till next Tuesday, meanwhile waiting for his younger son to fly back from China.... He is getting better each day, now taking porridge with fish cooked by my mum... Good to see him getting stronger each day, his determination to get well is great... Praise God... I am sure through prayers to our beloved Lord makes the healing and the speedy recovery....

Here I want to give my sincere thanks to those who have pray for Sam Sook and do continue to do so till he is back to good health and most importantly, pray that he will accept the Lord into his life with a sincere and humble heart.... Amen....


  1. I was searching for some music files to download onto my mp3 player and thought of checking my big brother's folder, to see what music files he has. Then, I came across these prayers at my bro's folder and though my heart was reluctant to open the word document, my hands seems automatically do it. And, I was amazed by these prayers. This is what sam sook needs, i believe.

    Receive the Word of God
    “ Dear God, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.I repent of my sins.Please forgive me of all my unrighteousness. I believe and trust You. And now I open up my heart and receive the Written Word of God and also the Living Word of God.I receive Jesus Christ into my life. And I receive Your peace and Your love.
    Now I become Your child. From this moment onwards, I will live For You all the days of my life.I thank You for saving and cleansing me.
    In Jesus` name.Amen.

    And this one:-
    Act on the Word of God
    “You foul sickness and disease be destroyed out of my life in Jesus` name! By Jesus` stripes, I am healed!”

    “Praise God, I live by faith and not by sight or feeling.God’s Word says I’m healed. I believe and receive it. It’s settled in my heart. I’m healed By Jesus` stripes!”

  2. Yes, the easiest way to accept the Lord Jesus Christ is like ABC...
    A-Acknowledge Him as Son of God
    B-Believe in Him and walk His Ways
    C-Confess our sins
    Just claim our Lord Jesus, its free of charge and the gifts are abundant...eternal life is free.. Jom Percaya!!


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