Friday, February 15, 2008

Sam Sook (3rd Uncle)

Once upon a time, during the early 70s, there is this happy family, sam sook (husband), sam sum (wife) and 2 adorable sons (both around 6 and 8yrs of age)...Sam Sook is doing very well in his business and investment in stocks florishes as years go by....And there is this niece who used to go and stay with them on and off, cos sam sook never have a daughter and he takes his niece and loves her as his own...she is in her teens, around 17 of age... Each weekend, he will take his family and niece to cinema shows and they have wonderful time together as a family) He is very generous with his money, his wife, sons and even the niece have never felt cashless before, he always shower them with notes and coins....making their 'pockets' full...He is a soft spoken man esp to them, to the staff, he can be very strict and firm but nevertheless they respect him a lot cos he always look into their welfare...never felt shortchanged when he is around.

One day, one fine wonderful day, when sam sook was away on business trips, sam sam took her own life by drinking a bottle of weedkiller. It was in the early morning, her sons were in school, when one of the staff arrived, sam sam told him in a cool way that she has swallowed the poison and she was just waiting for death to come...Even in the midst of the shock, the staff managed to call the ambulance and at the same time, he rode on his bike without his shoes, to the nearest relative's shop.

Ambulance arrived, she was still alive but in deep pain, the docs did their best to pump out what-and-what, but in vain, she died that very night, her sons sobbing endlessly, sam sook arrived in time just to see her passed on. .He was so devastated and kept asking what had happened...until this day, no one knows the reason why...

Sam Sook practically live like a zombie around the house, there were no more glitter of laughter in his eyes, he was grieving inside though he still put on a brave front to his sons and friends, he never gives a genuine smile anymore, her niece came to keep them company but couldnt bring the life out of her uncle anymore...she was grieving together with him but the least she can do was to come weekly to add some atmosphere to the solemn house ...

Finally, he made a decision, he sent both of his sons to Singapore to continue with their studies, he wants to spare his sons the pain of staying in the same house and affecting their studies. With a heavy heart, he sent them off one by one to boarding schools in Singapore. After they have gone, he puts his heart on his business alone, as years go by, he isolates himself from his relatives, he became a hermit, he keeps to his own, even festive seasons, he nv goes anywhere anymore, just to Singapore to see his sons on and off.

Now they are grown, they hv their own families, they stay in China but Sam Sook is still here in Malaysia, alone and lonely, he doesnt want o stay with his sons, he loves his sons too much, he wont be a burden for them, he rather let them be and suffer the loneliness by himself....he is now in his 70s....

In early February this year, Sam Sook is diagnosed with cancer...he suffered a painful biospy, for a strong character like him, he just couldnt stop his tears from was just too painful to bear.... His sons flew home to see him but they left after the biospy...they have their own careers and families thousands of miles away.... how long can they be around him?

What is he doing now, alone in his double storey semi D house? Who will cook for him? Who is there to sit beside him to accompany him at this time? Who is taking care of him? Practically no one.....its just so sad.....To be alone and suffering in be alone and feeling no one to be there for him....

Sam Sook, today I just heard of your pain and suffering, my heart goes to you, I will pray for you, pray that the Lord will be with you now, that He will grant you peace and comfort at this time when you need Him the most.....Sam Sook, Be strong in spirit...He will lead you through...

Heartache and pain has a way of pointing us to the Lord Jesus, who has shared in our sufferings.
Isiah 46:3-4 says, "I will carry you! I have made and I will bear, I will carry and deliver you"


  1. 8yea, u are true, mum..must always trust in the lord n he will surely carry us through in times like these and he will never let us go..thats a sad incident but its god's plan..therefore, cherish what we have now n love one another in the family :)

  2. a very touching true story of your sam sook. Will continue to pray for him too. By the way why not u upload some pix to make your blog much more colourfu? Pls dun say you are lazy or troublesome to upload pix yar. By the way you write your blog I know you are good at it and hardworking and spent much valuable times writing. will continue to drop bye and dun forget about the pix.

  3. before i can hv pics in my blog, i must change my hp first ..hehe..mine lau yar one...

  4. I knew him since I was a kid at cockman street, and he likes to hand out coins to my little hands especially when i opened to door for him. I also likes to play with his sons especially the younger one, who's almost the same age as me. Too bad such thing happened to him and hopefully, this will bring him nearer to God.

  5. yes, he is the generous one, our pockets were nv empty when he far as i m concerned, he is a very nice uncle, no matter what bad remarks i heard about him, he is still someone we should respect and give him salute for...

  6. perhaps from this sharing we can learn that always appreciate people around you, especially the loved ones. always value and spend time with them when they are around. :)

  7. yeah, Gab, always treasure those around us, the unexpected might happen one day...we just hv to leave it unto His Hands...Thank God we hv God....right?


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