Sunday, March 16, 2008

Simple Food

It was so hot during the day...and what could be better to have a fruit juice drink at home...yeah?
I blend some carrots, some apples and oranges, pure juice, no added water and....and so far, we didnt have stomach ache, thank God... and to go with the juice is this cake bought from Bread Shop in Jaya Jusco...walnut raisin butter cake, not bad...surprisingly...hmmmm...

Before my 1st precious went back to campus, we had this simple dinner at home.... there were only 3 dishes, steamed 'pomfret' fish, eggs with big onions and chinese sausages and spinach soup with ikan bilis (anchovies). hmm...doesnt look appetitisng as those in restaurants though...I must read more from Sapphire Blu's recipes...


  1. yeah, it's hot also in JB. I had Black Pepper Sirloin Steak (stonegrill)yesterday, and almost got a sore throat now.

  2. thanks mum for the wonderful n great food during the holidays..Thanks with love :)

  3. u r always welcome...we still havent tried the kam hor yet... remind me next time u come back for chris au, u owe me many meals..we sure go down to yr place next time .. be prepared to belanja us good food...

  4. too bad...i dunno any good food in Ipoh. Come to JB, I bring you guys out!

  5. yeah...end of this year most prob.. so now u better start saving .. we want the monk jump over the wall type of food...hehe....


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