Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tea Time Is Here...

Afternoon tea time is here...there are 2 choices of snacks to choose from...freshly baked doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts shop and mini sized ang-koo-s (a hokkien delicacy famous in Penang) tastes yummy, it has a soft and nice texture of flour and bean the problem to go on diet if these food are placed before me......haizzz.....Must remember to exercise more tomorrow.....
(Thank You Lord, for the food You have blessed us with....)

(dunkin donuts, here i come dunk u into my stomach...)

(soft yummy red red ang-koo's)

( the 'dissected' ang-skoo's, inside is delicious bean paste-not so sweet)


  1. nice n tasty kuihs..i oso wish to have nice..hehe..send some :)

  2. we go penang and buy next time... haha...

  3. nowadays in spore, there's a lot of donut shops opened. Dunkin is becoming history soon!! i tried Dunkin at the Tapah NE highway once and it's not nice. It's also expensive!

  4. yes..expensive, i know.. if fresh, then worth eating..if cold already, not so nice.. i prefer the ang koo...


Thank you, readers!

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