Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't Look Down...Look UP...

Great Wall Of China...Jittery legs...aaaahhhh...... dont trust this pic ....actually my legs are feeling kind of numb and my hand was clutching the railing real tight....this is the highest I can climb...up the stairs, I mean....If I were to go to that place again, I would rather wait at the bottom and look up instead...


  1. wooo..thts high enough..at first, i was looking down nt up..haha..when was tht picture taken?mebe the next trip we can go china..after wei wei spm..marta fair this weekend..go n check it out.. :)

  2. matta fair at our place? ok, we check it out..check only ah.. haha..

  3. i also want to go...bring me, my wife and kid along.... :(

  4. hehe...no problem..i take u... u pay ...


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