Saturday, April 19, 2008

Goodbye,Kirsty Lee Cook

The aftershock is finally over for me... Kristy is finally eliminated and I got to accept the fact that she wont be singing next week, the next or the next... perhaps she might appear again during the finals ... (actually ah.... I m not so shocked la.. ) but I do really like to see her perform cos she is really beautiful, sweet, cute, cheeky and its good to have her brightening up the American Idol each week...

I dont fancy David Cook so well, maybe I dont know how to appreciate his originality and the different versions...he is good no doubt... but I still prefer David Archuleta, he is still my favourite.. I will definitely buy his CD if he really gets to the finals... I guess the two Davids might be the finalists for this year American Idol.....


  1. Hi dear, you should be blogging about IPOH idols, rather than American idols.

    Or at least SG idol.

  2. if there is a show on Ipoh Idol, I would love to blog about it... as u can see from PCK in IPOH, i hv uploaded his pics ...any IN HAPPENING in Ipoh..sure will keep u updated.. haha

  3. too bad .... Kristy is out. She's pretty and look like brooke shields. She shld stayed a little bit longer. Next, is David Arantula.... David Cook will win!~

  4. wei..just bec u r not as handsome, dont throw cold water... huh..


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