Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ipoh breakfast and lunch

This was what I have eaten on that particular morning.... I miss this Waller Court chee cheong fun, the man must be 60+ already, I know him since I was a little child of 8 yrs old, that time he was a young man...haha...he used to sell behind the back lane of Cockman Street decades ago... those who stayed around there should know who he is...those days, this plate could be sold easily for 20 sen, now it cost RM2.30...haha...

In the afternoon, I went to First Garden with my "Leng Gu" colleague, initially we didnt know what to eat, drove around, up and down the road....finally what caught our eyes was this road side stall, selling all types of kuehs and vegetarian meehoon.. little did we know that she sells 'tong sui' too and that day's speciality was bubur cha cha (my favourite tongsui) it is a sweet mixture of sweet potatoes, yam, tapioca, beans, sago plus of course santan syrup....hhmm.... jeng....very jeng.... (great)
one for u....

one for me....oops..mind my finger...


  1. yup, this is the one i mentioned. I miss it so much! I always had it during breakfast when I was staying in Waller Court! Anyway, it's still the best and after trying out others', this is still the best. I thought the peddler already retired.

  2. no la..he still has the same looks.. only a bit of grey hair.. and my mum told me he has bought a few bungalows selling chee cheong fun by the road side..not bad huh....haha...

  3. emmmmmmm......just the photos already I'm getting ready to go back visit Ipoh....and look for these nice food I missed so much.
    anyone tried the chee cheong fun by a couple at the very oldtime central market around 2am - 6am? I used to follow my mother to the early market, have a plate of it then sleep on the tricycle before going to school.... and that bobochacha....can't get that here in PJ.....yummy. Thanks Claire.

  4. 2am to 6am? nv tried that before, tong... u r from IPOH? cant recall u telling me that before..


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