Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day-May 1st

Happy Holiday!!! Woke up around 9am..had a bad termintate that dream, better wake up fast and face reality...Today's reality is to go to UTP, take Ah B out for a good feast in Tanjung Tualang which is around 13 km from his campus...

Reached his campus around 1pm and reached Tg Tualang in less than half hour ..It is a very small town, we, there are only about 3 rows of shophouses intertwining each other...aiyah..should have snap some pictures, very hard to describe... (cannot make a good reporter, I admit)

Went around looking for parking...not surprising it took some time cos there were some tourist buses along the roads and many-many cars were parked around the town too... After some time, managed to park the car, we went round surveying which coffeeshop/restaurant to go to....MY GOODNESS, EVERYWHERE ALSO SO CROWDED LA...

Finally ended up in this Tanjung Tualang Restaurant....after waiting patiently for 45 minutes, these food arrived at our table....(please lend me your handphone again, dear....)

sweet sour crabs...

steamed prawns/shrimps coated with egg white...

steamed white granduncle fish (pak sook koong)

fried oyster with eggs...(aw chien or old chien)

sambal paku pakis (kaku choy or entwining vegetable??)

Bill for the day is..............RM105.00 (cheap OR no cheap? to me, moderate la..acceptable...with drinks and 5 bowls of rice...inflation some okay la..., no grumbling or complaints )


  1. haha...the fish looks alive...hehe

  2. yeah lo.. fernie took the pic for me.. so geli hor? but dont care la..wallop also...haha..

  3. omg... i love the crabss.. looks delicious!! love it!

  4. la, it looks like it tastes nice also. but seldom can see a fish from that angle, normally we eat first before looking at it.hahhaa...

  5. hmmm...this blogs seems to focus more on food now. :p
    The crabs and prawns looks appetizing but watch your weight!
    I'm accessing the internet from a cafe in seremban now..haha. Later going to KL IKEA.

  6. wah..u r on holiday? no wonder didnt see u slogging at the office... so blessed la u..

  7. Hello. How are you. Thanks for the encouragement. Partner up with me and let people know about the website. Also, would you like to xlink?

  8. wow... my saliva starts dripping when I see food.... but then have to watch my cholesterol level. Gone a bit crazy nowadays but still very much under control. Yummy Yummy!!

  9. come over to ipoh...perhaps by that time, yr saliva will be dried...haha


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