Monday, May 5, 2008

There Goes My New Handphone....

Time to service my car, sent to Toyota Centre around 8.15am...good, not many people around...just handed the service man the key, asked him to do some touch up paints front and back of car due to my 'expertise' in parking, i tend to scratch the car here and there....

Before I left, asked him how much it would cost roughly... He said this is an advanced max check, change spark plugs, oil filter, fully synthetic oil...bla bla bla.... will cost me around RM600+ - Aiyoh.. so xpensive meh!!! Feeling very heartbroken already and reluctantly, i handed him the key... (like the chinese saying goes.. BITE THE LIPS AND GIVE)

Received call from Toyota Centre around fast finished servicing?? sure or not.. Upon reaching, true enough, the bill comes to RM614.oo... I could smell something burning in my pocket then... (there goes my new handphone I've been saving to buy....)

Finally back at office, I did a check on the touch-ups paint... so silly of me...should have checked it there at the centre... WHY? They didnt do the touch up at all .... angry, called up the TC man and he was so apologetic... "please send back the car when u r free...ask for me...I make sure they do it"....sigh.... have to make another trip.... haizzz.....



  1. awww....poor thing. Take it easy, these things happens!Just don't rush next time!

  2. dear, pocket filled with dough need to burn some off at times....and when there isn't enough, we normally get knocked for burning more....
    yes, you are right, make priority list before burning your pocket ya...

  3. haha...i talk only la... handphone can wait..servicing is more important cos safety comes first.. :)

  4. Fully synthetic engine oil should last at least a minimum of 10K KM, but if you idle a lot, bring it down to 7 to 8K before an oil change. Oil filter change a must though cos it is damn cheap compared to an engine overhaul!
    Replace your auto trans fluid annually. Take care of your baby and it will take care of you.

  5. soli... cannot resist cos something close to my heart. my heart???? where is my heart? Oh Gosh! Oh here it is...tick tock tick tock!!! whew!

  6. bought this beautiful baby, i mean the HP, for my dad as his BD present. He is a bit lost though cos too high tech but he is learning. huhuhu

  7. i also wan..i also ok, buy for yr father first.. i can wait.. he he ..


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