Thursday, June 5, 2008

cHANGe oF liFE

5th JUNE 2008 - this is the day we will feel the change in our lives..."we" means MY GANG here in the office...MY Gang consists of 4 members, 3 of us are tea cum lunch time drivers...the other one not driving supplies parking coupons whenever we go out.... (very sing mook looi)

Now firstly, petrol has gone up by 78 sen per how leh...3 of us got to compromise lo.. last time before today, we never think whose turn to drive or 'siapa guna kereta one' , but now...cannot already lo.. must make a schedule below...

Tea time (Claire drives) lunch time (GG drives) and the next day Lynn drives.. wah...have to remember whose turn if like that.. troublesome....

No more going out...our change of life....all due to Petrol going UP, UP, UP!!!


  1. hmmm.....these few ladies must be traumatized by the hike....

  2. exaggerating ma... haha... life has to go on... challenges have to be faced...trials have to be overcomed... petrol hike or not, we still hv to care for our health, ie to go out to eat good food, maybe go to nearer makan stalls instead..

  3. yes you are right go to the nearest makan stall to have your lunch / tea break.then you dont feel the pinch on the petrol hike.

  4. petrol only 2.70, still cheap - if in rupiah :-P

  5. cheap or expensive, i guess we hv to cope up with it.. blog more online and make extra cash for living.. JIA YOU...


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