Monday, July 7, 2008

Ho Chi Minh (Part 2)

AFTER SEVERAL HOURS SHOPPING in the Ben Than Market, it was already evening... time to walk back to the hotel to rest for awhile and then adjourned for dinner... While walking back, all of us started to snap pictures about the traffic jam over there... I really must salute the drivers in Vietnam, really must honour them...

There are 3 million motorcylists 300,000 cars in Ho Chi Minh City, so it seems....cant imagine how they drive round the city.. we being the pedestrians do not get abused by them when we crossed the roads, no doubt they keep horning at each other but then no flying fingers or abusive words come out from them... fantastic drivers...

see our treasures?? haha..very happy lot ...

now i wonder how we managed to cross all those roads... anyway, peace unto u all..

to be continued...


  1. I see also 'tau wan san hing'. *pengsan*.. I am the kind who runs and screams when crossing busy roads. Shy onli..
    Part 3.. aiyoyo.. no preview ka?

  2. good morning goolypoppop mahmeee.. have to wait till tonite.. haha.. yes, the streets are always full of motorists, as i said, we are thankful we came back in one full piece and still breathing.. haha.. anyway, thanks for popping over..

  3. the place is like ipoh 50 years ago while the streets are filled with people full of 21st century enthusiasm.....hahahaha. currently the trainning of earlier generation still in the blood...hope their youngs can love n continue that discipline hor....
    happy girl now will carry that sweet smile more often....thanks claire.

  4. ahahha.. cool~~ so many motorists.. but somehow they are tolerant aren't they? ahaha.. if not, sure a lot of accidents and i don't think anyone can cross the roads ahaha.. faster continue.. hehehe.. wan to read more :P

  5. Must be a big challenge dodging those motorbikes to cross the streets! So, it's a shopping paradise eh! Anything else to do besides shopping & eating? Ehh...must be careful abt the meats there - they eat dogs, aikkss!! *go cuddle my precious Koji*

  6. a typical of culture shock in another country...:D

  7. yeah lo..a lot of meat stuff, ate those on the 1st nite already, now thinking back, yeah, it sort of taste funny huh?? haha... just joking..hopefully it isnt.. as u said, didnt see any stray dogs around, only those like koji type of house dogs.. cultural shock? no la, they r ok, give them a couple of years, their country is as good as ours anytime..

  8. Very chaotic traffic right! When my friend crossed the road, she kept screaming haha, she said the best is to close the eyes and cross! It's always so stressful to cross the roads, and the place is very polluted. However, despite the unlawful traffic, we didn't see any accidents at all!

    And wow! You people must have enjoyed yourselves shopping! I can see "da bao xiao bao"! :D



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