Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lets share - Should I or Should I Not?

NOWADAYS EVERY MORNING, first thing, switch on my gmail account, followed by PPP account, then on and on... and finally my blog account. At least 5 windows are opened simultaneously on my pc... (crazy or not? surely it is..)

Gmail account gives me suspense nowadays, why? Because from there, I will know who has send opportunties for me to post... :) Yesterday I was very happy to receive 2 slots from SS but immediately was dampened when I read thoroughly... the opp was specially for US bloggers only. Sorry, I didnt read properly when I submitted for a slot that time... so there I was, comtemplating whether I should accept it or not. The paid post was so attractive... but alas, I didnt, I gave it up .... I didnt post about it because I am not a US blogger.

Now the question is, if, lets say IF I accept and post about the slot, will I be penalised when they find out I have not an US blogger? For one, I think its not fair for US bloggers, right? Have anyone come across this before? Or is it alright to blog for it? Lets share our comments...


  1. no Claire, you won't be penalized for that but of course you won't be paid so better not post the ad.

  2. i dont think they will penalise you, becos firstly, you are registered with blogspot - which is a usa domain.

    however, i do not recommend bloggers to simply take up ads that do not meet their readers - one, it is not good for the readers (no point of them reading) & secondly, its money spent by the advertisers for literally nothing.

    thats why i only choose sponsored posts that can benefit my readers, mainly posts that are global or asian based :)

    ps: btw have linked u back under my Blogger Khaki links :)

  3. Ah... I say we just make the most out of the online world... The best meaning the free and convienient stuff out there. :]
    Btw, your posts make me hgo hungry. Lol.

  4. thanks for time must read the opp carefully before making a slot otherwise, i feel like its wasted for not blogging.. :)

  5. I think you're talking abt the "Alzheimer's Walk" opp, right? I got that too - i clicked on "slot request" too quickly b4 I saw the "US blogger" qualification. When I got it, I didnt blog about tat since it's only for US bloggers.


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