Monday, July 28, 2008

My Secret Place

LAST FRIDAY I attended a Praise and Prayer service in my church. One elderly lady came up front to give a testimony about her nephew. Her voice shook as she related to us... Her nephew's mother died while he was 2 years old. He is brought up by his father and when he was pursuing his degree course, his father passed away. Feeling so much anguish and hurt, he was so devastated and hurled his anger upon God...

No matter how his aunty pacified him, he couldnt accept the loss and continued to question God why...why God has taken his parents away, leaving him alone...first his mum and then his father whom he is greatly attached to.....

This had been going on for some time, his cries and anger were always upon God...... until lately, he came to his auntie's house and related to her that something out of the world has happened....

One night, while he was still feeling depressed, with tears in his eyes, he heard God...HE ACTUALLY HEARD GOD SAID IN A MOST SOFT GENTLE VOICE.... "AM I NOT YOUR FATHER?"

I was deeply touched by this testimony... when I reflect back, I have similar incidents that always distracted me from getting close to God, instead of looking up to Him for solace, I turned other ways to find my refuge...but now, all these have change...I realise God is my secret place, now and forever...


  1. Very touching story!
    But I wondered how to listen to God? Is he listening to a voice or something came out from him within?

  2. Why can't I be the first? There are always ppl before me!

  3. i guess it is human nature, when we grieve. but of course god is right. he is our father. and all of the time, he knows best.

  4. i m not really sure about her nephew, but she testified that her nephew really heard His voice.. perhaps His words "appear" in his mind...anyway, anyhow, he is edified and he doesnt feel so hurt anymore...

  5. Excellent story!!!
    Have a nice week.

  6. Trusting has no tolerance for suspicions, so is belief doesn't allow alternative choice...
    since God is infinite existence, He has every means to just drop in a little pointers....yet we have to walk our paths blind folded, relying on so many seemingly true leads... then we are given the chance to repent...


Thank you, readers!

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