Friday, August 1, 2008

he Loves Me, he loves Me not....


This question would be torturing my mind if I were to be in such a position... what shall one do when we being as ladies are stuck in this position? Your feelings have been 'invested' in a man whom u think u want to spend the rest of your life with...and then came the bombshell... he has another girlfriend he is interested in too...and now he is in a dilemma...who to choose, who to kick out...

Wait, leave him one side first.. If I were in this type of situation, ie if I have fallen in love with him, naturally, all my feelings, my cares, my concerns will be on him, him and only him.... and one day, if he revealed to me he has interest in another lady as well... (no big deal, is there?) The most I do is cry over him for a few nights, heart like being broken again and again, no appetite, walk like a zombie and starve myself...(soh por)...... then after all those 'torments', I will tell him this... "You dont have to choose, I m getting myself out of this sh..t, you can go to her.. dont think so much, just remember I loved you once."

On a serious note........IF a man cannot choose between 2 ladies, give him up.... if he cannot appreciate us, then find someone else WHO CAN....

Am I making sense, actually? just 2 cents of my thoughts...


  1. "IF a man cannot choose between 2 ladies, give him up"
    -that's right. :)

    .... if he cannot appreciate us, then find someone else WHO CAN....
    -we can also let God do that. :)

    just visiting. :)

  2. That's usually how mature ladies thinks... hehehe....

  3. ini case case cinta... tak da kommen la... he he

  4. Forget him. Ask the girl to get a life!

  5. By the way, we here live in whole new world. It's kind of hard to find man or woman that's could satisfy us. Also hard to find a good person to really appreciate us the way we do.

  6. If a man cannot make up his mind, then his head down there is working the toil.hehehhhe
    Better drop him. better men can come along the way!
    You deserve only the best!

  7. Cannot decide between 2?! At the first place, how come there are two in his life? It means that after having one, he is still looking for the next. So, I have an uneasy feeling that he won't stop at just two. Move on and pass him. I don't think he knows what he want... true love or just sex partner, inner beauty or look, etc.

  8. Dump the lowlife lor...tell yourself it's HIS loss, not yours!

  9. Dear, I'm in IT line, can I have a backup please? hahahahaha.
    Relationships really are bothways? Society built in a way to guide yet also provides blurred views. Live each day with decisions, whether right or wrong...


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