Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Once bitten... Never Try...

I AM FEELING VERY BORED .... bored because I have nothing to blog about, bored because of a telephone conversation I just had with a friend, bored because she told me something that I still feel appalled at, bored because I have trusted that person not to tell, bored because she had betrayed me..........

Now starting tonight, I must learn to be careful, careful with my words when talking to that person, careful not to relate so much information about anything especially about myself, careful not to be 'used' by that person.....

Anyway, Its never too late to realise mistakes and learn to be smarter the next time round....

Am i making sense here?


  1. hello , It ok since you already told her about it . Now atleast you know what kind of person she /he is . next time think be fore you tell some thing about ur self. so that you wont be ....... when the third party convey the gossip to other ppl.then you won't feel ,,,,,,,, right

  2. i also bored. so we together together bored la today....

  3. thanks for being bored... that makes 2 of us... YEEEEHHH!!

  4. bored bored day. Ahaha.. nvm la, sometimes, it's hard to judge a person.. I think you're maing a right choice. To take this as a lesson and be more careful in the future :D Dun worry, be happy :D Hahaa

  5. Hmmm.. Bored.. Lolz. I think it's really not to us sometime to judge a ppl. We can't just like scan a person and then label him/her as wat wat wat.. So hor, you already did the best selection in choice to make this a lesson. Take this as ur lesson and be more careful in the future. Learn from mistake lo since we cannot go back in time. Thanks. You taught me another new thing today ahaha..

    Dun worry, you are all right :D Be happy :D

  6. Sorry double post.. Ahahaha.. I thought the 1st one didn't manage to get through. :D

  7. its ok Wensher.. it happens to me too... no problem..


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