Monday, September 8, 2008

Amateur Making Mini Moon Cakes

MALAYSIANS should know that Moon Cake Festival is around the corner and the prices are soaring high, the more famous the restaurant is, the more expensive it cost for one mooncake. Averagely it cost about RM10-12.00 for one and one box of four moon cakes will cost above RM40.oo.

Thanks to my hairdresser, she taught me how to DIY mooncakes... while cutting my hair, she gave me the ingredients and I have the measurements all inside my "hard disk". Before I lose the memory, I better write down here so that I will be able to do it year after year... (hopefully)

Mini Moon Cakes (Peng Pei)

1kg lotus paste (can be bought in those cake-making shops)
1 small packet of toasted kuaci - to be mixed with the lotus
250gm of Koh Fun (certain type of cooked flour for making the mooncake skin)
200gm of icing sugar
350ml of cold water (icy cold)
pounded pandan leaves (for colouring-optional)

1) Mix "koh fun" with icing sugar and add in cold water to make into a dough.
2) Then cut it in 2"by1"
3) Lotus paste and kuaci to be made into a table tennis ball (dont laugh, please)
4) Flatten the dough and wrap round the lotus paste
5) Then press the dough into the mould (oh-oh, u must buy the mooncake mould )
6) Then...... that is all.... take the dough out from the mould and refrigerate it, can be eaten straightaway too... no need oven, no need steaming....EASY, right?

the lotus paste mixed with the "kuaci" below...dont dump in all, depends on how much u like it

the toasted kuaci

I didnt snap the dough, sorry, cos my hands were "occupied" then...

Specially for AA..
so far so good, no one complaining about stomach ache yet :)


  1. Hi Reanaclaire, can I come over? I love mooncakes.
    Two slices and ice coffee will be fine, ha ha.

    How you doin'? Sure miss seeing kids walking around with lanterns. You keep well, Lee.

  2. Everyone is making mooncakes.....can't wait till I make some later.

  3. Mooncake is definitely expensive now. Yesterday, the cheapest I saw is RM11

  4. wow....first u cook nice soup and now u know how to make mooncakes! respect ...respect....

  5. U. Lee, i treat u ice coffee anytime with toasted bread.. ipoh famous for that too..

    Yes, Borneo Falcon, its expensive esp those sold in restaurants and shopping complex, i really dont have the heart to pay so much for one moon cake.

    Chris, there are many new things u dont know about me now.. life is not the same as those days, now have to cook ownself to save cost.. now sang sing already.. haha..

  6. i wasn't able to log in to SS either..but i got in to PPP this morning.wasn't online in the afternoon 'til evening.

  7. Can open shop and sell mooncakes oredi ;-)

  8. Raynebow, want to join venture? united we stand, divided we fall..haha.. i said amateur ma..where can open shop.. if u r the one cooking, then no problem..

  9. claire, can u pass some more to lynn to let me taste it?

  10. haha..sori la, lahatboy, all gone into the stomach already.. but i think lynn knows how to make them tastier, she puts a lot of passion inside the mooncake for u.. haha..


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