Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another One Of Those Days...

TODAY IS ANOTHER WET LAZY DAY....raining heavily in the early morn and how I wish I dont have to get up so early. Forced myself up and...ouch ouch!! my ankle.....I tried to walk and each step was a painful one, the games I played last night had definitely put a strain on my ankle.... (oh, I mean badminton games)

Must get a good pair of badminton shoes...or am I aging? I notice I couldn't sleep well too lately especially after getting up for a nature's call. Must be that.. lady's type of symptoms, signs of going into retirement....should be taking life easy now..... should be going for a cruise and some relaxation.

Who said blogging can monetise money? I did... but it seem to have stopped... why? I guess I don't have a ranking. So I guess my retirement plan has got to wait....

Oh dear, I seem to be mumbling to myself early this morning... Another sign of old age? sigh.... Better get back to work before my bossie sees me grumbling over here....


  1. Get a good badminton shoes. Mizuno wave is a good shoes with good shock absorption. However, the price will be around RM250-350

  2. dont worry claire, ageing in inevitable, just enjoy it, stay acitve can help lol..

    So far i have only made US 12.72 from adsense,, may be another ten years , we can make US 1200 a month , just have faith, you have my support always,

  3. wow..so expensive for a pair of sports shoes? i dont think i spend that much to play once a week badminton games.. shocked-ed.. haha..

    eugene, yes, lets wait patiently for our cheques to come..if it ever.. oh, be positive, right?

  4. try applying those heat rub cream onto the muscles before playing and do stretching. It will help to prevent injuries and enhanced your game too.
    There are some cheaper shoes where you can find at Jusco or Bata. I got one from Jusco, cost me RM49.90 only and it's good. The brand is Axel. Look for those which is meant for indoor court shoes. Power (Bata) also not bad. The yonex ones will cost more, up to Rm200-Rm300.

  5. ah..axel is more like it..49.90rm. the one i am wearing is nike but made in shenzen.. lol.. it is light too but i guess its more suitable for jogging or walking .. anyway, the quality counts, more expensive, more appropriate too.

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  7. Don't try to wear other types of shoes like running shoe for court games like badminton. You may slipped or hurt yourself.
    Get a court shoe... you can identified it easily, normally the base is yellow. Sometimes, it's written at the shoe box. Jusco got a few more brands, another good one is Dunlop, also at that price range.

  8. wei..how come u r in sg, u know so much about jusco here? always go shopping when u come back JB? ok, my size shoe is 5..so u know what to do, eh? for old times sake, no problem, right? he he...

  9. Cos my place is surrounded by two juscos..haha... and not forgetting 10 mins drive to tesco and Giant. Ask my mum..... You can go shopping all day if you come to my place.

  10. hey..thx for visiting my blog :)
    i dont really noe well bout contest thingy. just write for fun ^^
    nice blog too!
    good luck in earning money..
    badminton shoes diff from sport shoes? aww. u looks pro! xD

  11. that would be the first i guess the reaction after a long vacation of doing active sports..it's not aging i think, most young could have the ankle sprain especially if they are not used to exercise!:)

    get well soon!:)

  12. Hello Reanaclaire....hey, you still young, have fun, aches and all.
    I believe the day a young girl stands up for me offering her seat in the bus (I sometimes take the bus go downtown)..that is the day I will feel old.

    And as my wife always jokes with her friends, 'the day Lee stops admiring, teasing women, that is the day I start getting worried', ha ha.

    Our bodies like cars, on and off get small creaks here and there, ha ha, but have fun Reanaclaire...
    go smell the roses, pluck a hisbiscus put in a vase on your table, you'll be fine.
    Have a great week....keep that Minyak chap kapak handy or Tiger Balm, ha ha. Lee.

  13. i hate rain...oohh well, i don't wanna get old but there's nothing we can do..hehehehe...take it easy sis and everything will be fine...

    btw, thanks for visiting my food blog!

  14. Oh! You worry a lot! That can really get you grumpy.

    I think you need to take a break. You seem to have too much on you mind now.

    Maybe your blogging duties need a short rest too.

    When you come back from your vacation, share us your wonderful experience.

    Well, this was just my impression about your post.

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