Monday, September 29, 2008

Brunch In Rawang

LAST WEEK Tammy and I drove down to Klang to attend a wedding ceremony....on the way, we stopped in Rawang to pick up Belinda... reaching there almost 11am, our stomachs were sort of growling and groaning. Belinda took us to the best "lor mee" and fish cake, freshly made each day... actually we wanted to take the "yam mee" but due to miscommunication, we ended up taking the normal hokkien mee. Next time... not to worry.. next time... must order properly.. yam mee, we will wait....

this is "lor mee" the gravy has vinegar taste...some might not like it cos it is sourish...

this shop is famous for its tai lok mee...hokkien style...

fresh and hot fish cake (sai toe yu)

another type of fish paste wrapped with beancurd skin

and side dish....lala soup...

this is the shop .. along Rawang Main Road ..
4 of us... the meal cost RM56.00 with drinks
tasty, yes, but a bit expensive, in my opinion....


  1. yummmmy, oh wait, I have to take a snack, I'm salivating looking through those foodie.

  2. haha..sorry Marie.. i dont mean to make ppl drool..i just like to share where to get nice food if tourists were to come and visit.. i m sure in every country, they have their own speciality where food is concerned..

  3. yum,yum you make my mouth water with envy :9

  4. wah wah wah wah!!! Lor Mee!!!! So long didn't eat d... I love that~~ The sauce quite sticky one rite? Mom used to cok with prawns, crabie, fish cakes, and so many stuff inside the soup. Ahaha..

    I think i am also drooling like others too~~ :P ahahaha.. Btw, selamat hari raya~ ahahhaa..

  5. festive wishes to u too, wensher.. have a wondeful ho lee day ..

  6. wow...u seems to be running around searching for food! so adventurous!

  7. ohhh....lala!!!! i miss lala, especially malaysian style lala.

  8. yummy!! looks delicious...i like beancurd, i like the cake..i like the mee... ouw... i like all, except the lala... i dun really like

  9. i had lala soup when i was went for short hol in June. it was yummy. and my online friend also brought me to eat the hokkien noodle they say call tua pui noodle...hehehe

    i have a contest in my blog soon.

  10. yeah ..tai pui means fat noodles.. in cantonese its tai lok mee.. famous in Kuala Lumpur...

  11. walau eh... the foods look so tasty ler ... yum yum ^^

    i like eat lala.. but didnt c b4 lala soup ler... nice???

    btw, may i noe u attended whose wedding? juz wanna noe izzit my cousin coz she's also married last week haha...

  12. if i have the chance go to rawang , i will try to go there and have the meal.

  13. woooaaa fooddd!! did I tell u that I love eating? hehehe..RM56 for 4 is not bad, in my opinion, compared here in KK, the food is quite expnsve..have a nice day :)

  14. My craving is not going to be quenched by looking at this delicious food... Oh no...


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