Friday, September 26, 2008

Fish Balls Noodles In IPOH Old Town

My battery for the day is my breakfast, without it, I dont have energy, and no energy, work can't be done, work means no money and no money.... NO FOOD. (crappy talk)

This coffeeshop is in old town, opposite Batu Pahat Goldsmith shop which was robbed few times over the years. Coming back to this Hoi Hin coffeeshop, I have been coming to this shop ever since I first started working during the late 1970s... (oops, please dont calculate) ..Over the decades, only one lady stayed on, the others have either long retired, now shaking legs at home. Nevertheless, the taste is still the same from those days. It is always crowded in the mornings and by 10am, most of the goodies are finished by then.

at times, people would rather stand outside and wait for their turn...

my energy for the day, can last me till dinner time...

there were 5 of these fish balls inside the bowl... imagine how much protein I took for today... and this meal cost me RM3.30...


  1. hmmm.. nice place Claire.. :) i always lov to hang out around places which look like.. koptiam~ idk if that not suppose to be one.. lol but it look like kopitiam to me.. haha! ^_^" ugh..

    anyway.. i lov that toufu! :P n fishball! :D always lov chinese foods especially if it goes wif soups.. :D yay! Lol.. ;)

    hav a great weekends.. hun~ ;)

  2. it reminds of vietnam with those motorcycles and the small restaurant...the fish ball noodles look delicious..

  3. I got hungry looking at those yummy malaysian food. They look so delicious!

  4. Ipoh is famous for its authentic taste those days where food is concerned but many cooks are long retired by now...

  5. Looks familiar this 'kopitiam'..... or m i wrong.... Remembered taking something at one of kopitiam though... cant recall who belanja who now...

  6. hungry already...its asian foods so, i will love it dearly...soo yummy.

  7. The Batu Pahat Goldsmith shop is in Perak?!Juz wonder coz I m from BP...hahaa~

  8. i love Ipoh's authentic Yong tau foo.... used to have these daily when i was a kid in Ipoh.


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