Thursday, October 16, 2008

Free Indian Breakfast

THIS MORNING WE went for indian food in a Tamil School... it was like a "muhibah" multi-racial sort of outing, one Malay, one Indian and me, Chinese... We had a good time together... eating and chatting about our good old days...

While we were there, we met someone familiar and while eating halfway, the cashier came to tell us that our breakfast was being paid for already... Thank you, someone familiar...
These were what we ate....

nasi lemak... i like the decoration of the egg....

this is called Itali.. not italy..i think it is spelt this way..not sure..

and this is called apom manis..(indian sweet pancake)

curry sauce to eat with the itali....

and "chatnee"... dont ask me what this is.. it is sort of sweet...coconut with lots of blended spices.


  1. hi the food look nice and yummy and i must give a try on it. one day if i come up to ipoh lo

  2. wow, yummy, it makes me hungry hehe.
    By the way nice header.
    god bless!

  3. wow i am speechless...

  4. A totally different kind of breakfast!

  5. yeah..over here in Malaysia, we are a multi racial country so we get to taste a lot of varieties.. ie. Malay, Indian, Chinese, Portugese and many other races having their own specialities..
    for food lovers, Malaysia is the place to visit..

  6. which school is that? Long i didn't take indian breakfast. I miss it...though spore got the authentic ones...

  7. idli idli idli... and chutney.. i want! :(

  8. Hi Claire, it is free for you but someone has to pay?

    must be quite adventurous to try all these, not knowing what goes into them.

  9. haha! great food!!

    I know there's one post in other blog, saying that there's a combination of mee goreng and roti canai.

    Mee goreng is stuffed inside roti canai, I don't know if it really taste nice or not, but the idea of mixing malay and indian food is brilliant.

    That is why we call them mamak. :D

    hope you enjoy your food. :)

  10. the rice is like wearing a "egg hat" ^^

  11. yeah..i like the nasi lemak deco.. first time they did it like this, the cook must be in good mood that time..
    Indian breakfast is very cheap..for that breakfast it is less than RM4... and can be eaten by at least 2 persons..
    yes, Loo, that breakfast was sponsored..haha.. cheap and nice..

  12. ya,you are really blessed with good food all the times, may be next time you should create one muhibbah dish, a combination of hainan chicken rice, capati and beef rendang in one plate,,,,

    hey good week ahead

  13. wah damn nice leh!!!

    I just ate and i am hungry again

  14. OMG... the food look so yummy.. especially the apam.. it was from some school???? Awww man... why cant it be restaurant that i can visit ><"

  15. haha... indian food is cheap and nice.. more on vegetarian meat, less oil for some...

  16. Missing all those Indian breakfast..! Sedap ;)

  17. would love to try the itali! and now u make me miss the nasi lemak! :)


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