Sunday, October 26, 2008

Koay Teow T'ng Noodles Soup Penang

WHENEVER I AM IN PENANG, I will never fail to eat koay teow t'ng (noodles soup with fish balls and shredded chicken or pork meat)... It is one of my favourites not to be missed.

This morning my friend took me to this stall... I am sure many of you wouldn't like to go if you know where... The stall is sandwiched between two shophouses, one glance at it, you don't feel like sitting there... but as for me, have food will travel... as long as I love it, I am oblivious to the surrounding. (wai sik mau)

see this bowl.... hhmmm...looking at it makes me yearn for another ...
its noodles with the different types of fish balls and shredded chicken meat

ok, how to go? this is the way...
it is along Jalan Argyll, Penang

Argyll Road, you will see these....

..... shophouses with tables on the pavements

along the row, this stall is partially hidden between 2 shophouses..

the stall owner...busy with his many orders...

the crowd waiting patiently to be served...

It is a hot weather and yet.... cooling when u sit down...
the place may turn u off and yet...u still wanna try....
the price is not cheap and yet... u wouldn't bother about that
all because.... u wanna eat, taste and enjoy....


  1. Koay teow my favorite, will try the stall next time i come to Penang. :)

  2. wuu... Yummy Yummy Yummy~
    if got chance, i am sure go for it~ hehe~ ^-^

  3. LOL girl! ^_^ Im sure to be a fatty if im hang wif u! ^_^ lol.. i lov those foodies too! ^_^ but not into any type of noodle.. but depends on how they're cook it.. :) hehe

    anyway happy holiday! :D

  4. What sort of broth is that?

  5. The place looks like one of the streets in Manila, Philippines. I remember stalls / vendors like those in the pictures . I can be drag in those area, i don't mind as long as it is in a safe neighborhood and food is great. That noodle is so delicious. I like fish balls. BTW, check out the pictures I posted, it is scary.

  6. long as it is safe, i will go too... have food will travel.. i love the soup anytime..for adults and kids alike, this bowl of flat noodles is easily eaten, smooth.. and tasty..

  7. Nice. I going to Penang next week, for business purpose anywhere, not for travelling

  8. So many food attack!

    I like Koay Teow so much...

  9. next time, try the JB one and compare.


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