Thursday, October 9, 2008

Peaceful Ambience In Church

I have been a Christian for almost twelve years now ever since my husband's demise. The local church which I am attending a simple traditional kind, it is not very big and yet, comfortable. When you enter, you can see almost everyone though it has many rows of wooden pews that holds a congregation of 300-400 people. Though it is small in size, one can feel it has a homely kind of atmosphere.

Whenever school holidays come, my family will go to the bigger city where my brother stays. He is also a christian and we always look forward to attending his church because his church building is formerly a movie theatre. Eventhough they have renovated the theatre to make it to a church, the designs are still intact. They have a big stage that can hold a complete band of eight people and their worship team is more than fifteen people for each service. So imagine the sound system when the worship and praises start each time... they are really great. As for the seating, there are always enough, avid church goers will always go early to get a good seat and ushers are plenty and readily to help for those who come late. The seats are very comfortable and spacious and they are placed in such a way that no one will be blocking anyone in terms of worship and even in sermons. Worshippers and church goers can bask in their spiritual prayer without feeling an inch of discomfort, in fact a peaceful ambience with the Lord.

For those who want to experience being in the Lord's presence as well as in the theatre-like church, here is the opportunity. Find out more in this first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD which is held on October 22 & 23.


  1. This post giving me another idea for my blog title. You be amazed with the churches in my place. The churches here are all huge and appear to be luxurious. I guess the churches here are rich.

  2. yes, i think over at yr place, there are quite a number of SIB churches, right? is it SIB or SID? do take some pictures and upload them, at least i can view them.. haha..

  3. used to attend a churh in Penang that was a cinema before, loved the seats there.....

    good weekend ahead,,,, how is your son's exam,, ?

  4. my son's trial exam results are so far, so good, averagely ok la.. dont expect so much from him too. on the whole, he is satisfied with his own results.. only i m hoping he can put in more effort..

  5. haleluya - god bless we all -------


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