Monday, October 6, 2008

Pre-Exam Stress

My son's trial exams were just over 2 weeks ago. When I asked him this evening, what subjects he had got back, he told me very softly 2 papers.... Modern Maths and Chemistry. When he told me his marks, I was so emotional that I wanted to cry... but I held that moment, I didnt want to say anything, it would either turn out to be an angry or hurtful remark. Give me few minutes to steady myself, I walked away.

He knows, he feels bad too....
I know he is trying.... though not his very best yet....

It is not easy to study hard... one has to put in a lot of effort to get good results, I know, I have been there before...

When my boiling point is back to normal, I just said... "Do your very best, make more effort and you will sow what you reap."

Period. End.

Hope he understands....


  1. Yes, what you sow is what you reap. Math and Chem exams really require much time and effort in reviewing, not just a day, but there must be a series of reviews and problem solving practice. God bless!

  2. yeah. u r right..must practise daily.. as a parent, i really dont know what to do anymore other than to wait .. talk too much also wont work.. whatever i want to say has already been said.. i cant think of anything more. just hope for the best if he tries his best..

  3. Its tough being a parent. Dilligence doesn't come naturally ... for both adults and children.

    Its a character which we need to instil and remind ourselves that we need to work at it.

    All the best.

  4. yeah lor...don't push him.
    Probably he might need some study skills, study smart, i mean. he can work out on some popular topics in chemistry and memorised them after he has finished his revision.

  5. hopefully so.. the way i see it, dont expect so much from him. as long as he can get through.. he is thinking of going to sg for further studies.. so i hope he will be able to qualify.. see how .. we can plan..but God will decide..

  6. cool mom....sometimes our silence is more deep for them to consider that we are really serious...i had that experience with my 2 cousins...he will do his best next time...

  7. you did right, sis. give him some air to breathe, and i believe he can sense your concern most of all your love too,,,,,

    cheer up or blog it up,

  8. aiyo. kesian you also. give both time. i think if he knows he will try harder seeing your disappointment. cos sometimes lets look at the bright side besides academic too. we are blessed with our health, food to eat and roof on our head.
    if he really tries, it is most important. and it will open his eyes to your patience. the lesson of this journey is more important then the destination, sometimes.

  9. yeah..have to look on the other side of things. what we expect might not turn out .. it can be a blessing in disguise.. just hope for the best..

  10. hang in there, mummy.. It will be alright!

  11. mmmm.. if I'm a mom, I dun think am gonna be as good as you, maybe I'll spank/scold him a lil bit.. children u know, if not teach them hard, they'll never learn..

    Oh btw, I'm not married yet.. but I hope I can be as cool as you(in term of not spanking/scolding my kids, hehe)..

    kudos to that... (^.^)v~

  12. haha... spanking? no lar.. i better rest my hands.. he is too big to be spanked..and anyway, he is not that bad la.. haha.. i feel he is trying his best and perhaps i expect more than that.. so now i better not.. as long as he is doing well, physically and mentally, it is already a good sign.. thank God...

  13. hey its okay i understand that claire.. u want all the best for ur son~ i bet he'll understand that.. ^_^

    yup it reminded me my results back to my school-era too.. Believe me i only get less than 20 marks for addmaths and below 40 for my chemistry... i felt a bit terrify but then.. for real exam result; BOOM! lol.. it really satisfying after all... study smart, having enuf fun.. bla bla bla.. its cool.. ^_^ hopefuly he'll try his best then~ ;)

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