Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Story Of Job

Indeed Bible stories can sort of reflect our modern day lives in a way. I do believe as we read the Bible, there are so many similarities to what we are facing this day. One of them that reminds me is from the book of JOB.

Briefly about the story of Job during the Bible days, he was a very righteous man who believed and feared God and he was very wealthy. One day Satan came up to God and challenged that Job would not continue to be faithful to God if all his riches were taken away from him. But God believes Job would remain faithful no matter how much he would suffer. God told Satan that he could take everything away from Job except not to harm his body. True enough, Job suffered a series of calamities, eventually losing all his property, even his family was not spared. His friends jeered at him for believing in God and his wife was so despaired that she wanted Job to rebuke God and die. But despite all these sufferings, Job never failed by his beliefs, he continued to worship God and remained faithful unto Him till the every end. Seeing all these, Satan gave in and after that, God rewarded Job twice as rich as he had been before.

Reading this reminded me of a friend, who, like Job, he lost his wealth and property, even his marriage was on the rocks at one time. But he remained faithful to God, never once he has rebuked God for allowing him to suffer and today, I know he is doing very well, in fact happier and better than before, with his career and with his love ones as well. God never fails....

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  1. that's right..God never fails...

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