Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goldie...are you mine?

Continuation of yesterday's doggie post....

Few hours ago, Lady from SPCA called me up and had a long talk with me.. I sensed it was a sort of interview, revaluating me first before she hands over her doggie to me.... meanwhile, I took that opportunity to get some knowledge too.. will her dog bite me? does she know where to pee??

She said she wanted to pass over her own dog to me, her name is Goldie, actually I remember her, she took her paw out of the cage to "shake" with the helper there. But according to the helper then, the SPCA Lady is not giving Goldie away.....

Back to the phone conversation, she said she will allow me to have Goldie for a week.... more or less giving me a week trial and see how it goes....She will need my feedback (or perhaps she might come and spot check anytime?) I felt the humor rising within me that moment...and spurted out... "Hey, u r putting me on probation, right?" WE laughed .... well, nothing much more need to be said..



  1. so, u taken goldie in ???

  2. lol ^_^ so u into having a new dog..? :D yay! lol does goldie fit what u want..? :D nice one my friend.. :D

  3. lol ^_^ so u into having a new dog..? :D yay! lol does goldie fit what u want..? :D nice one my friend.. :D

  4. I hope goldie is really for you hehe.I am not too much fun of dog but there is also advantages of having dog. Dog can be our security hehe

  5. they put u on probation??? wow, this SPCA center is really not kiddin' when it comes to prevention of cruelty on animals =)

    do show us pics of goldie, if possible, yeah? =D

  6. yes, i will yanz... this saturday, she said she will bring Goldie over.. i hope i will be able to pass the probation exam.. haha... perhaps now i surf more on taking care of doggies... what do u think?

  7. Why Goldie and not Chocolate? Chocolate seems to be a sweet and friendly dog. he he he... I hope your upcoming Goldie is just as sweet!


  8. goldie or choc.....still the same. they're dogs. still cant understand why some people dislikes dogs.....i wanna have one too........!!!

  9. Both are equally cute i guess.. perhaps i go once more to SPCA to confirm.. see which one that really touches my heart.. :)

  10. It's nice to know that SPCA is doing this.

  11. was here.. yea this is my blog

  12. yeah, do surf more on how to take care of doggies, some basic instructions would make ur life easier =D

    And who knows, maybe could help with passing ur probation ;)

    *crossing fingers & praying for u*


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