Saturday, November 8, 2008

Him Or Her?

THIS MORNING Andy and I went to SPCA again, to let him see for himself which dog he prefer to take home. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any doggie that made him feel he gotta have him/her as his buddy. The SPCA lady seeing him disappointed then recommended to us a vet .. she told us this vet has 2 shihszu with him, one is pure and one is mixed...

Upon reaching IPOH Garden East veterinary, a young handsome doctor Gilbert came out to greet us. He told us the shihszu is RM400 and the mixed pinser/shihszu is RM200. Both are cute in their own way. Still contemplating which to bring home...... once home, its for life.... let me think over first... so much to consider... cute to play.. taking care is another thing...




  1. It's really great to see you taking deep consideration when buying pets. I agree with you, it's a whole life matter. If everyone is like you, we wouldn't need SPCA :)

  2. wowwie claire! I like the "her" shihszu..pretty cute..easy to take care of...we have a chowchow mix and his big...he's a house we don't need to worry of training him...:)

  3. HER! ahahaah! nice-looking dogs,hehehehe! got a dog too, its jap spitz,hehehehe!

  4. her! her!

    she's adorable.. yes its a lifetime commitment :) but its worth it..

    a dog's love is unconditional ^_^

  5. i know you will have all the due consideration before deciding of having the dog, good on ya..,ya well said, celine, if everyone is like you who needs SPCA

  6. RM400 for a shihtzu is cheap! Or is that Ipoh price huh! A pure breed here costs at least RM800 & above, depending on the lineage. Shihtzus are very cute, loving & needs company/attention... they also need to be groomed regularly. Perfect companions but u must be prepared to lavish attention on them :-) That's speaking from experience.

  7. thanks raynebow.yeah,i know they need lots of attention..that is why i m hesitating.. i worry i dotn hv enough time spent on them..

  8. shi-tzus are adorable. My in-laws own one, and she's really cute.

    But they're really hard to groom (super long fur), so in the end they trimmed the fur short (easier to maintain). And you must be ready to give the doggie plenty of attention, shi-tzus are real attention seekers. =D

    that said, dogs are our best friends ;D

  9. i am still thinking.. most probably will get one after my son's exam which is finishing by end of november... meanwhile, will scout around... yes, shi szu.. nice to see and play..

  10. yea shihtzu needs grooming!

    I love dogs.. but i dont have a proper home for a pet YET. :( but when I do get my own place, I'll be sure to flood it with dogs! :D


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