Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Am Balanced.... sort of...

MY GOODNESS..today is a very veli busy day for me ... phone calls ringing endlessly, district staff kept coming to check their allocation, payments to be made but data system was like a snail ... its like ... one click then wait one minute before the browser comes out again.... really testing my patience... but I dare not complain to the IT man, he will say,"take away the internet connection and it will take u only 2 minutes to finish a payment instead of 10." What? Cancel the connection? No way, man... I prefer to suffer in silence....I follow the system, I work like a snail... click, then wait, click, wait.. that makes me busy whole day.... meanwhile, blog a bit.. don't waste time....

I guess u all dont know what I mean... never mind, I m just crapping, as usual... I spend 8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working in office and 8 hours working harder on blogging at night....


  1. hahaha...once we get hooked on blogging...we are really glued,oh well, only "us" knew how satisfying it is to have internet connection...zooming in speed...Keep it cool my friend.

  2. yeah... i m staying cool and cooler .. haha.. i have experienced having no connection before in the office.. it is like one part of me is empty.. suddenly restless, dont know what to do, desperate.. haha..

  3. Hi Reanaclaire, surprised to read of your 'slow' connections.
    As well reading lots of friends complaining of their connection problems as well certain places still no line connection, can't have a pc at home.
    Gosh, at this time when a computer is so important and you get that kind of answer from the 'IT' fellow?

    My wife is working and any problems with her pc or whatever, it gets done ASAP, no crazy replies...or his head will roll or go on the chopping block.
    But hey...you get to do something else, ha ha, so relax, stay happy. Best regards, Lee.

  4. haha, I am fine and you kumusta? lol. nice to hear that you learn this word from bloggers hehe.

    You are really balaced hehe.888

  5. Hi Claire, it's really irritating when your computer is slow and you want to get the transaction done so you can take a peak at your blogsite, Hahaha!

    You're right, blogging is addictive, especially when you started having lots of online friends and exchanging ideas and all.

    Be patient, better slow than none, right???

    Take it easy.. Liz

  6. hey,i have tagged you for fun,please check it out when free.

    and i am sorry for the first tag that you gave me,i didnt respond cos i didnt know what was it then.

    cheers,oops, may be you can respond to it when you have your 8 hours of blogging time

  7. Do asked your IT man to upgrade your computer, then you won't face any "slow mo" anymore.

  8. hmm..im lost for words. IT supposed to speed things up, guess your IT dept needs a little motivation.

  9. It here.. it here.. oops..IT here, i tell u.. are always more busy outside the office than inside here. Fullstop. Period. U should know what I mean..


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