Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Busy Day Out...

WENT TO TAPAH AND TELUK INTAN districts to do some checking of accounts... there will be a Quality Day next month and a prize will be given to the district which is most efficient in their accounts procedures. So this week will be a very busy time for some of us, we have to rush from one district to another to give marks and ... guess what?? Eventually, my own work will be affected, my daily work will be piling up.....sigh...... hope no one gonna check me instead!!

this department was good...
all the files were ready for checking by the time we reached there

lunch was also provided... Malay style....
(hey, that's not bribery, ok!)

this soup was nice, a lot of vegetables in it...

but then another dish came out.. it was almost the same as the soup dish..
i wonder who did the ordering... anyway, we didnt complain ...haha..

lemon chicken... good...ok... one piece was good enough for me..

I love this sweeet sour fish among all....
but it was finished off very fast...

another angle of the fish...
though it was near to me, I only manage to take one small portion..


  1. wow....they provided lunch for you guys....not bad! We didn't provide any meals for our auditors when they come to audit us, but instead let them go for their own lunch!
    Good hospitality...maybe you should give them good marks...haha

  2. the foods looks yummy. I guess your a good cook too.

  3. wow! it looks exquisite! thanks for sharing.

  4. So these days u will be busy travelling everywhere - still got time to blog ah? That lunch menu is so typically malay style - i always see this at every malay set meal, hehe!

  5. yeah, i mentioned there malay style.. their table dressing is always like that.. not like me at home..ching chai only..
    i hv been eating malay food in and out for more than 25 years..haha.. will post about my canteen later on in my blog..

  6. hello claire,i am truly amazed at your ability, you blog like mad,you cook so well,and you have to check on the quality of the coconuts...bravo

    btw,no stress, no stress,you deserve nothing but the best

  7. wow i love the foods i feel hungry looking at them

    thanks for the visit: paying it too

  8. we usually take em out at nite...yum char session. even bowling. most of the times, they would close one eye on small mistakes...hehehe. kilat kasut...yes. :P

  9. your pics makes me hungry...ehehhehe


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