Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Careless Tuesday...

THIS MORNING I WENT FOR AN EXAM.. yes, exam... not the doctor's type of check up.. but real test papers... once passed with a grade 4, I can get a good increment, a good jump to another rank.. BUT... but.. sad to say, I always get grade 3 ... booo... I have been sitting for the same exam paper with my colleague for a number of times already but still the 4 is evading us... We gave up, we agree not to study this time, just go and choose our answers, we are real fed up of the strict marking....

So this morning we went without even touching the book..... (hope my kids won't read this)....

Upon reaching the hall, my colleague realised that she brought in the wrong enrolment letter... oh gosh...it was already 9.05am and exam started at 9.30... too late to go back to office... quickly, we went to the nearest office nearby to ask permission to use the internet, to print out the right enrolment letter... it was like rush hour...rushing for time...

Thank God, she managed to get it done and quickly, we sauntered to the hall at 9.20am... That was not all... when the invigilator checked my letter, another problem arised. I was at the wrong hall.... oh no...... my letter shows that I should be taking my exam in Kuala Lumpur, 200 km away from here..... (sei moe?) careless me... I never checked my letter cos all the while I took for granted it was at the same place, same time each year....

Anyway, the invigilator was helpful, she said she will send down my paper separately.... phew.. I hope they do... well, thinking back, they do or not, it doesn't matter, I guess I have to sit for it again..... It would be a miracle if I get a 4 flat...

if only I do my best,
God will do the rest...
but I didn't do my best
so.. again I will do the test :))


  1. hmmm...is that a result of over-blogging? haha...good luck and hope you pass it and get an increment and ...belanja my parents and me!

  2. Believe in yourself! Miracle always happens on people who believe it!! :))

  3. I m interest to know, what exam is it? ^_^

  4. Icic... now I know, need to study de izzit? can make increment then it is worth to take lar... ^_^

  5. yeah.. worth taking .. since we dont hv to pay for anything, dont study also no one scolds.. no red marks to get caned..haha..

  6. Yeah, miracles do happens, who knows? Maybe you'll get what u wanted this time? =)

  7. i hope this time you will get hold of the elusive "4", when naik pangkat,naik gaji, jangan lupa kawan sejati.

    god bless

  8. What kinda exam is this? Multiple-choice type kah? What do they ask? Im so kaypoh to know...LOL!

  9. raynebow, each year ask back almost the same questions but the problem is, I dont know what answer they want.. the choices are almost the same.. so simply mini mini maini more.. they ask questions on general all involving govt procedures and most annoying are the computer layout questions, if they ask about blogging, no problem, they ask more on the excel and words..paste here and there.. itula pening..

    eugene, if i pass, i sure will remember u.. first thing i go pg, i belanja u or when u come ipoh, its my treat..

  10. oooo, belanja eugene only. what about the chap in kuantan. i want people belanja me too.... :P

    i'll be having me exam too soon. tua2 oso got exam *sigh*


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