Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Night Fever Now...

Time flies again.... Briefly, my happenings for today... note: estimated time only

9am - went to office to buck up my work which was backlogged.
2pm - I left office, went shopping with my sisters and Fernie.
3.30pm - Fernie complained of pain with her braces. Immediately I took her to the dentist, very crowded... waited very sien
5pm - reached home, sister in law called up, said auntie admitted to hospital, so have to go....
6.30pm - reached home again and get ready for dinner outside with my kids.
8pm - we went to church.
10pm till now, I am still sitting here, talking to myself on the blog.....
Is 24 hours enough? I wish I can stay up longer without having to sleep yet... *yawnn...*

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