Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belated Birthday

Ever celebrate your birthday 4 months later?? No? Then let me tell you that it did happen :)
This afternoon my colleague bought a birthday cake back to the office, she told us she bought for herself.... so naturally everyone wished her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ... I even started to sing the special song for her...

After taking some pictures and cutting the cake, she told us... "ACTually, my birthday was August last year and I am 25 years old ... but I don't want to grow old so fast, so I bought a cake to celebrate my belated birthday now." Makes sense? Oh... never mind, belated or not, we walloped the cake and said "terima kasih" (thank you)


  1. Belated or advance same ol same ol Happy Birthday.

  2. hehe... yeah..she is cute.. always happy and smiling..

  3. so nice of you! btw nice shot ;)


Thank you, readers!

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