Saturday, January 3, 2009

Franchise Opportunities

During this time of economy crisis, I notice that there are companies and factories fail to maintain their production costs and thus, manpower in these industries are deeply affected. Workers and even white collar staff are permanently terminated and it is saddening to hear many are deprived from their daily meals nowadays. In fact, just few months ago, one of my friends was affected from this downfall of his company and now he is without a job. With a family to support, he is willing to take up any job just to tide things over. Lately I heard that he is thinking of starting anew by doing some franchise business in his town.

What is franchise? Well, a franchise is a form of business ownership which you have purchased from a larger organisation. Indirectly you can own the business but with the back-up from a bigger company. As a new business owner, you are able to take advantage of a proven business model and product which is already in the market and doing well. This is an franchise opportunity for you to start a business using their labels and products.

There is a special website for everybody whereby you can search for whatever franchise opportunities you like to invest in. Their wide selection of franchises make it easier for you to choose what you are looking for, that goes the same with the place you intend to build your business in too. First you choose your workstyle, eg. you want to work at home or away from home, how much your investment or budget is, they are all there for you to select. Franchise Gator provides you with all the information you need to know. Do check it out!


  1. Agreed that we should move on when we have mouths to feed. Certain business may be suitable for certain areas so need to do a simple market survey. We do not want to make the situation worse by dumping whatever savings we have into a business we do not know about. That will be bad.

    I hope your friend makes it with his new venture. patience and perseverance is the key. Must know when to stop if things does not get better.


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